Men and women will always continue to search for better ways to differentiate themselves. Well, if innocent, vulnerable and friendly are some of the words you use to describe yourself then a Bambi tattoo is for you. This cute deer first gained international recognition through the Walt Disney Bambi movie. In Chinese culture, a deer tattoo design is a symbol of good fortune and abundance. So whether you want to portray your mood or status, there’s a Bambi tattoo that you’ll love.

Disney Bambi Tattoo Idea

disney bambi tattoo idea


This colorful Bambi tattoo is feminine because it incorporates both the deer and a red rose flower. You can use the face of Bambi to depict your mood whereby a smiling deer shows your happy or sad face for a gloomy mood.

Fawn and Bambi Tattoo

fawn and bambi tattoo


A fawn and Bambi tattoo that includes all the famous characters in the Bambi movie is what any girl who loves fantasy will want to have. The trick to making this Bambi tattoo stand out is to opt for vibrant colors on the animated characters.

Girly Bambi Tattoo

girly bambi tattoo


Most ladies prefer girly tattoos that portray their feminine nature, and this colorful bamboo is for them. While the color used on the Bambi tattoo stands on its own, adding an interlocking tattoo design around the deer gives it a chic look.

Flower Bambi Tattoo on Arm

flower bambi tattoo on arm


Adding a rose is the easiest way to make your tattoo stand out. When it comes to a Bambi tattoo, stick to the standard brown, yellow and add pink colors inside the deer’s ears. This design is for any lady who loves bold colors.

Awesome Bambi Disney Tattoo

awesome bambi disney tattoo


Watercolor Bambi Tattoo on Leg

watercolor bambi tattoo on leg


Black Work Bambi Tattoo Idea

black work bambi tattoo idea


Cute Bambi Tattoo Design

cute cartoon tattoo design


Lovely Bambi and Fawn Tattoo

lovely bambi and fawn tattoo


Colorful Bambi Tattoo Idea

colorful bambi tattoo idea


Black and Gray Bambi Tattoo

black and gray bambi tattoo


What Does a Bambi Tattoo Symbolize

Bambi tattoos have a wide variety of symbolic meaning. For Christians, a deer is a symbol of devotion and purity while for the Native Americans and in Celtic culture, the animal is a representation of independence and pride. Other meanings of a Bambi tattoo include family, nobility, and love.

How to Choose a Bambi Tattoo Design

From small to large size, colorful or simple; there are many ways to vary a Bambi tattoo design. However, the design that you choose should embody your personality so that the tattoo becomes a way to show your unique traits.

A Bambi tattoo is a form of self-expression with different meanings that are unique to an individual. While most people will go for the cute face of the deer, men can opt for the horns to create a unique deer antler tattoo design. With symbolic meaning such as nobility, these Bambi tattoos are adorable.

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