Flowers are a beauty. They are the most visually appealing things and they are used for multiple purposes. There are different kinds of flowers and each of them has a beauty of its own and one among them is the lily flower. They come in different colors and are visually alluring.

Nail Art is something we love too and when we thought of using lilies as nail art, we loved the idea. We went on to look for some pretty amazing lily designs and we found 20 nail arts that you will love and want to try.

Lily Crystal Acrylic Nail Design

lily crystal acrylic nail design


Painting only one nail differently is in fashion these days. We absolutely love the pink but what we love more is the one nail that has lily flowers on it. It blends in perfectly with the pink and looks like the perfect rose nail design.

These flower nails look like the perfect bouquet. Every color and flower blending in perfectly, these are the perfect nails that you should try. The flowers designed on different nails are well done and overall these nails look absolutely upbeat.

These are the perfect flower nails that we have come across. The flowers are designed very finely and finishing is perfect. The flowers are subtle and very visually appealing.

This is very simple but also very elegant. The lilies drawn over white nail paint with stones used as the leaves is gorgeous from every angle. It is very pleasing to the eyes and you could wear this even with casual for an everyday wear.

Rhinestone Lily Nail Design Idea

rhinestone lily nail design idea


This lily design looks magnificent and to make it look even better pretty rhinestones have been added to the design. The lilies blend in with the blue and rhinestones with the lily. Overall this is a very dazzling design.

This is a mixture of different colors, all very subtle but very classy and elegant. The reddish cream combination is blending in so well. The flower nail designs are done nicely. They look very cute and adorable. Overall this is a design that you could carry off with any dress.

Isn’t this amazing to look at? The purple and beige is an extremely good combination and the flower designs done with might and are a perfect fusion and makes the nails look so graceful.

Tiger Lily Nail Design

tiger lily nail design


This pink nail paint with flower stones looks great. The glitters used onto it make these nails look glamorous. They seem like they are right out of a fairytale. It is extremely dazzling to look at.

Lily Nail Art for Short Nails

lily nail art for short nails


If you have short nails but still love designing them, we have got something in store for you as well. This is a very plain design with flowers drawn over in the white paint. But the best part is that this design will look good with your casual and party wear. They are pretty and elegant at the same time.

Blue is a very cheeky color. It goes with almost everything. The flower nail art done on this is camouflaged. This design is eccentric and you will look like a complete fashionista with this.

Glitter Flower Nail Design

glitter flower nail design


Classy Purple Color Nail Art

classy purple color nail art


Light Colored Short Nails

light colored short nails


Well, we love how each lily is designed out with different colors. With these options, you won’t run out of ideas. There is a design for all, be it loud or subtle. Just remember to be patient while getting them done.

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