Pastel hues are soft, delicate and delightful. Inspired by these hues, pastel makeup trend is becoming popular and ample celebrities can be seen sporting this makeup style. Pastel makeup is soft and natural and add radiance to the face. Perfect for all seasons, it is most suitable for the early hours and noon when you prefer a light natural tone for your face. Pastel makeup can be incorporated in everyday wear and is not very difficult to pull off. To inspire you further we have a list of celebrities who managed to pull off pastel makeup perfectly.

Ziyi Zhang’s Pastel Makeup

ziyi zhangs pastel makeup

The Memoirs of Geisha actress is blessed with beautiful skin and hair and not everyone can be as lucky. But you can surely take cues from her picture on how to nail the pastel makeup. There is no particular feature on her face that has been highlighted yet one can’t lose focus from her face. Glossy nude lipstick, light peach blush and eye shadow and a stroke of eyeliner on the upper lids, that is pastel makeup 101 for you.

Selena Gomez Cute Makeup

selena gomez cute makeup

Selena Gomez has cult following amongst teenagers and this makeup is perfect for girls in their late teens. The coffee shade is predominant in the makeup. She is even sporting the similar hair color in the picture. The makeup requires basic contouring. Top up with shiny brown lipstick and lightly smoked eyeliner. Keep the focus on your eyes by adding false lashes and giving them volume with mascara.

Lily Aldridge Classy Pastel Makeup

lily aldridge classy pastel makeup

Just because we are talking about pastel makeup, doesn’t mean we forget red. Red lipstick is a classic and even pastel makeup has scope for red. Keeping rest of the things very minimal like any pastel makeup, bring the spotlight to your lips with the help of red lipstick. This makeup style is ideal for a glamorous party or a night event.

Rihanna Pastel Makeup Design

rihanna pastel makeup design

She is the queen of experiments and is rarely subtle. But whenever she is, we make sure to write about it. This is how pastel makeup should be applied on wheatish and dark skin tones. The eyeliner has been applied on both the upper as well as the lower lid with nude and golden eye shadow. The light mauve lipstick suits the makeup perfectly.

Isabella Lucas Pastel Lipstick

isabella lucas pastel lipstick

Everyone desires clear a spot-free skin but the Australian actress has shown how freckles can be imperfectly perfect. With light application of foundation, a peace colored lipstick and perfectly filled eyebrows you get over with pastel makeup in minutes. The makeup style is clearly not about perfection but attitude and that is why it is part of our list.You may also See Cool Eye Makeup

Claire Danes Pastel Eye Makeup

claire danes pastel eye makeup

With that beautiful bright coral dress, Claire Danes made a perfect choice by opting for pastel makeup. It doesn’t make us concentrate on one particular aspect but on the entire charm. That’s what an elegant dress-and-makeup combination can do.

Kristen Bell Pastel Color Makeup

kristen bell pastel color makeup

Pastel makeup is a perfect pick for a casual event, look at Kristen Bell here for instance. Her skin looks smooth and radiant. We love those half done eyeliner strokes on her eyes, setting the makeup balance perfectly.

Wedding Pastel Makeup Design

wedding pastel makeup design

At last, we have some inspiration for the brides to be and their bridesmaids to be. For the occasion of wedding, pastel is the favorite choice. Pastel makeup provides a natural glow that every bride seeks to attain on her special day. It will blend with your dress, with your mood, and with the overall vibe.

A little pop up never harms, even if it is pastel makeup. Don’t believe us? Well, see for yourself in the picture. The face and lips are subtle and soft but the pink and blue shadow in the eyes is creative and charming. Perfect for anyone who loves to experiments and don’t mind being edgy.

pastel pink makeup Idea

pastel pink makeup idea


In the kingdom of pastel, it is pink that rules. Pink and its hues are the life of pastel makeup. Pink has so many shades that each skin tone can get an option from this delicate soft color. It can be risky it can be safe, depends completely on how you choose to use it. You may also See Tropical Eye Makeup

Beautiful Pastel Eye and Lip Makeup

beautiful pastel eye makeup


Funny Pink Pastel Makeup

funny pink pastel makeup


Gorgeous Pastel Lips Makeup

gorgeous pastel lips makeup


Simple Look Pastel Makeup

simple look pastel makeup


Pastel Eye Makeup Design

pastel eye makeup design


Glitter Blue Eye Makeup Idea

glitter blue eye makeup idea


Creative Pastel Makeup Idea

creative pastel makeup idea


From red-carpet events to weddings, pastel makeup can fit in any occasion and make you stand out. With constant practice, it is not very difficult to perfect the art of makeup. Feel free to share your experience with us.

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