Considering all the attention you give to your outfit, hair, and makeup, it is biassed to leave the poor nails behind. Nail designs help to bring a charming and put-together look to your complete appearance. Beaded nails are one of the interesting designs that are available in several colors and sizes. You can arrange and decorate the beads as per your preference and choice of the occasion.

Purple caviar beads are one of the few delicate and glamorous nail designs you can try for a fancy occasion. The design is easy to try and can be achieved under five minutes. All you need is purple beads and purple base paint. Stick the beads in the pattern of your choice and attain the much awaited nail makeover.

Rosary Beads Nail Design

rosary beads nail design


If you don’t wish to go for a beaded look on all nails, you can try this rosary beads nail design. Simply paint the nails in the color and design of your choice and add the studded beads in one nail. You can go for contrasting beads or the beads of the same colour as your nail paint, the look comes out beautiful either ways.

Acrylic Beaded Nails

acrylic beaded nails


Another interesting design to try is the acrylic beaded nail design. Simply paint your nails in the colour red and add the acrylic beaded nail paint in the index finger. This beaded nail colour is easy to apply and is available in a variety of color options. Beads help to instantly glamorise the entire appearance.

One way to change the look of your nails coated with a plain matte shade like pastel pink is to add small colourful beads on one fingernail. The look is pretty and effortless and comes out beautifully in soft shades.

Leopard Nail Art Design

leopard nail art design


Beads can help to give a 3D effect to your nails. So, if you already have an interesting print on your nails, adding beads to one or two nails is going to bring a perfect transformation to the look of your design. You can go for a single color bead to complement the look of your nail design.

Pink Splattered Nail Design Idea

pink splattered nail design idea


Beads can also give the effect of a fruit, so if you already have a fruity nail art or a splatter of fresh colors on your nails, adding beads is going to maximise the appearance and make the look realistic and distinct. This pink splattered nail design matched with black beads give the perfect look alike of grapes on your finger.

Gel bead nail art is one of the interesting and very creative designs to apply to your nail. Gel beads come in very small sizes so you can cover a small section of your nail in the color of your choice to create appealing patterns and designs.

Round Beaded Nail Art

round beaded nail art


If you really love the look of beads, then there is no better way, but to cover all the nails with the multicolour beads complimented with a matte white base coat. The white base helps to bring out the colors of the beads and make the design look bright and fresh.

Black and Teal Beaded Nails

black and teal beaded nails


The look of black beads can be contrasted very well with teal colored nails. The design comes out unique and is a must try if you are looking to go for an elegant design.

Beaded Glitter Nail Design

beaded glitter nail design


A minimalistic way of adding beads to your nail design is to add beads to the corner or the edge of your design. Add a touch of glitter to a nail and border the glitter with golden beads. The design comes out pretty and defined.

Classy Beaded Nail Art

classy beaded nail art


White Beaded Nail Design

white beaded nail design


Tip Beaded Nail Art

tip beaded nail art


Orange Long Beaded Nails

orange long beaded nails


Polka Dotted Beaded Nails

polka dotted beaded nails


Beaded nails are one of the eye-catching designs that your can try for a fancy or casual occasion. The design gives you the flexibility to make the look extensive or minimal. Beads are easy to try and be carried with any outfit.

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