Though there are a lot of styles from the 90s which will make you wince but there are definitely a few that have made a fashionable comeback. Right from street style inspired pieces to the high-spirited outfits, we have today compiled a list of 9 trends which is ruling every fashion streets. If you relate closely to the period of Liv Tyler and Winona Ryder this post goes out to you.

1. Baggy Jeans


One of the most comfortably worn pair, baggy jeans are the quintessential jeans originated and worn way back in 1991 by Drew Barrymore. We don’t have to point out the prominence of the trend as we have been seeing the style take over the streets of major cities from Copenhagen to Paris to New York.

2. Chokers


Chokers, one of the very popular pieces of accessory in the 90s have made a robust comeback in a variety of styles and colors. Right from leather, to ribbon to chain and metal, there are now plenty of brands that carry the design and style.

3. Dr Martens

dr martens

The boot brand which was loved and appreciated by alt-punk-rock girls in the 90s has officially made its way to high-end contemporary fashion. The shoes are especially preferred by models off duty and other grunge style inspired women.

4. Flannel


Considered as the jewel attire of the 90s, flannel has made a gradual entry into the sartorial culture. The button down brand Rails is big and popular, with everyone from fashion bloggers to style icons sporting flannels as the trendy attire of choice.

6. Metallic Trend

metallic trend

Back in 1993 all the pop stars and almost all the girls everywhere were about eye-catching fabrics. Metallics are back and recently the trend hit the runways of Vionnet, Loewe and Delpozo. With a striking appearance, the metallic look has been equally appreciated and loved in the clothing as well footwear lines.

7. Corsetry Training

corsetry training

The corset belt has made a comeback on many runways including Prada. Defining and fresh when worn with menswear pieces like button-down shirts, the corset trend has made its way to the outer layers and is no more a piece to be worn inside.

If the 90s make you cringe, these 9 outfits and accessory ideas will definitely make you think once again about a memorable fashion period.

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