With Spring officially setting in, we decided to update you with the latest Spring 2017 fashion trends. And, if you want to get a head start in deciding your wardrobe for the upcoming season, we have the best assistance to offer. Look below for the best trends that are going to uplift your fashion just like your spirit of spring.

1. Oversized Shoulders

oversized shoulders

Oversized shoulders are particularly enjoying a sweet spot on the style circuit. Looking exceptional on the exaggerated suit jackets as well as dresses, the oversized shoulders brings a smooth movement and elegance to the outfit.

2. Origami World

origami world

Pleats whether worn on the bodice or the bottom is the top raving trend for this season. Complementing well with a draped silhouette as well as statement sleeves, pleats positively highlight the minimalist vibe that is running high this season.

3. 70’s Sleeveless Sweater

70’s sleeveless sweater

The key outerwear of the 70’s, the sleeveless sweater is back in the vogue. Tapping in on the ugly-beautiful trend, the sleeveless sweaters are one way to bring a delicate as well as a fun addition to the regular outfit.

4. Sexy Cut Outs

sexy cut outs

Playing a classy and sexy peek a boo, the season will once again see the rise of various textures featuring imaginative and subtle cut-outs on the waist back or neck.

5. Mens’ Shirts

mens shirts

Menswear has always been a solid source of inspiration for the womenswear designers and the classy striped or solid men’s shirt has definitely marked a presence in the season’s fashion. Looking equally good with just a casual twist at the waist or in the form deconstructed dress, the men’s shirt is definitely a trend to look out for in 2017.

6. Punk Spirit

punk spirit

Carrying a militant vibe, the spring fashion is all set to bring punk back to the runway. You are certainly going to see the surge of studded black leather jacket matched and worn with a striking charisma.

7. Leather Fringing

leather fringing

Giving a sense of movement to the fabric, the leather fringes are minimalist and soft. Seen on white jackets and dresses, the fringed goodness was featured and presented on all the major runways at Hermès and Ralph Lauren.

8. Polka Dots

polka dots

With a softer and more rounded value, this simple but effective polka dot motif has been one evergreen style that is sure to not go out of fashion for the coming few years. If you are looking for one sophisticated choice try and go for black and white combination.

9. Patchwork


Presenting a mixed look, the designs for this season are going to see a lot of mixed and unexpected pairings of prints, fabrics and finishes.

10. Sporty Silhouettes

sporty silhoutte

Urban sporty silhouettes with dynamic lines and big volume on nylon and parachute pleats are going to see a major presence and appreciation on the market.

11. Tudor Style

tudor style

The Elizabethan style with puffed sleeves and neutral shades is going to be seen a lot the coming spring. With a modern take on the Tudor style, you can be sure that the trend calls out for timeless and lasting.

12. Sweater as an Accessory

sweater as an accessory

On the early onset of Spring, when there is still a nip in the air, treat your knit as an accessory by draping it over like a cape or tying it around the waist like a belt. Who says the regular cardigans couldn’t solve two purposes in one?

13. Cascading Ruffles

cascading ruffles

We all associate ruffles with feminine and this feminine addition has become even more detailed and girlier this spring. Right from neck to bottom down, the tiered frills are going to enjoy the plush moment the coming season.

14. Dresses with Pants

dresses with pants

It might seem a bit odd, but the trend of wearing a ground-grazing shirtdress over slouchy jeans is actually the fashion to adorn the coming season. Give an edgy take to your asymmetrical dress by pairing it with wide-legged pants.

15. Chatty Tees

chatty tees

Wordy tees with featured slogans are going to enjoy the casual and cool limelight the coming spring. Whether you plan to make a strong political statement or keep everything traditional and chic, the chatty tees are one statement wear to opt for the coming year.

16. Pink Pink Pink

pink pink pink

Rose coloured goodness whether in the form of hot-pink dresses or pink ballerinas is going to make the heads turned this spring. With red and pink hued coloured palettes gaining prominence, it is best to get your blush on beforehand.

17. Stripes


Carrying a versatile vibe, the stripes with their varied colour and style options is expected to get featured on all the clothing and the beloved accessory pieces.

18. Romantic Patchwork

romantic patchwork

Romantic patchwork packed with florals featured on floaty dresses is going to be the unconventional design that takes centre stage the next season.

19. One Shoulder

one shoulder

Though the cold shoulder is enjoying the attention presently, the one shoulder and off the shoulder tops and dresses carrying the 80’s silhouette will be loved the coming spring. From deconstructed shirting to one shoulder top, the coming spring features all.

20. Extra Long Belts

extra long belts

If you have the extra long belts that you find difficult to adjust in the loop, no to worry, as the coming spring fashion trends talk about leaving the tail hanging long. Just a small but useful fashion tip (borrow a belt from one of your guy friends and trust us your extra long belt look will be done).

Update your closet with the fashionable additions and give a trendy start to the coming season.

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