Spring is synonymous with romance, and our beloved celebrities are hitting just the right pitch with the perfect makeovers! If experimenting with the newest hairstyle trends is your thing, you have come to the right place. As is truly said, flaunt it if you got it – and if what you got is one of these super sexy spring hairdos, you’re going to make heads turn wherever you go. Read on to find out what the leading ladies are opting for to add that dash of innocent glam to their looks!

Taylor Swift Spring Curly Hairstyle

taylor swift spring curly hairstyle

For a diva feel, the girl-next-door look, or that super feminine impression you want to make on that cute guy, curly wavy hair might just do the trick! Wear your 3-4 inches longer than your shoulder, and leave your hair open to the wind.

Hilary Duff Bob Spring Haircut

hilary duff short spring hairstyle

This homely yet chic look Hilary has been sporting has left about everybody stunned! She traded her long lustrous mane for this brand new avatar. Keep it straight and short, add some highlights and there you are – all ready within minutes for any event!

Emma Watson with Spring Hairstyle

emma watson with spring hairstyle

Nobody carries sophistication better than Emma Watson! With sharp fringes ending in a carefully arranged messy look, this is the hairdo for you if you want to go for short hair.

Jennifer Lawrence Spring Hairstyle

jennifer lawrence spring hairstyle

Another gorgeously carried messy wavy look, the beauty is in the nicely chopped layers falling around your face. Accompany this hairstyle with soft bangs to add a dash of sexy to your hairdo and compliment your overall look.

Selena Gomez Spring Curly Hairstyle

selena gomez spring medium curly hairstyle

Curly hair are surely not everyone’s cup of tea – that’s why this super simple yet fresh hairdo carried by Selena is making waves this spring. Give your hair some tight curls in the front, making them wavier as you go toward the back. Make sure you don’t get any fringes – there’s nothing more of a turn-off than curly bangs!

Soft and Long Spring Hairstyle

spring hairstyle for long hair

Another winner for the spring season, this ‘Cinderella’ look is all about keeping it natural and flowing. Don’t worry about the little frizz; it is only required to complement the look!

Spring Braid Hairstyle

spring hairstyle with flowers

Take small strands of hair from the sides, above your ears and braid them up in fishtail or a French braid. End the tail with a neat knot and plant some bright flowers in at random gaps to get that peek of glamour in your hairstyle.

Spring Pixie Cut Hairstyle

spring hairstyle for short hair

A hairstyle for the bold and brave only, this one is all about getting them completely straight with sharp fringes. Keep them a bit longer on the front for a dramatic impression!

Long Spring Curly Hairstyle

spring hairstyle for curly hair

Beautiful voluminous curly hair is one of those hairdos which never go out of style! Give your hair a fresh tone of brilliant colour, or opt for highlights towards the end.

Spring Long Twisted Hairstyle

long twisted spring hairstyle

An Asian favourite, this is a trend which is going to be here for long. Loosely braided hair cutely tied up in double braids; go for the ‘Ulzzang’ makeover this spring for that soft pink glow.

Spring Hairstyle for Wavy Hair

spring hairstyle for wavy hair


Spring Bob Messy Hairstyle

spring bob messy hairstyle


Spring Choppy Haircut

spring choppy haircut


Spring Long Bob Hairstyle

spring long bob hairstyle


Awesome Spring Hairstyle for Curly Hair

awesome spring hairstyle for curly hair


Spring Hairstyle for Straight Hair

spring hairstyle for straight hair


Layered locks, blunt bobs, messy girl-next-door looks and cutely comfortable braids are our highlight trends of the season! Whether you’re looking for a simple trim, or something which will get people wooing over your selfies, one of these are sure to match your needs for that perfect transformation. Cast off your old look for a fresh and sunny spring look. We look forward to seeing your makeover pictures soon!

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