During the mid 70’s, the hippie style emerged and the style became synonymous for open wavy hair, colorful bands and all kind of ribbons and dreadlocks hair. This is an essentially laid back haircut, however, there is something glamorous in the essence. Hippie hairstyle is nonchalant but still fashionable and attractive. It is popular amongst celebrities. Don’t get confused with a hippie way of life or dressing as celebrities shown bellow have immaculate taste.

Katy Perry Floral Headband Updo

katy perry floral headband updo

The floral headband is exceptionally cute and interesting for the hippie style. Styled locks in the headband are beautiful and make you ready for the hippie outing. No need for any special treatment, don’t style your hair too much and your hair will reward you with natural beauty. Also, consider to look at Updo Hairstyles for Short Hair.

Jennifer Lawrence Rope Braid Around Head Hairdo

jennifer lawrence rope braid around head hairdo

A little classic, but still cool look. The best of this design that it can give you a detailed style. If you want to look chic like Jennifer Lawrence you must know that beauty comes inside of a person. That is the main thing and secret of the cool look.

Scarlett Johansson Single Headband Idea

scarlett johansson single headband idea

This time, you can add braided hair rope around the head to accomplish that look and get ready for Academy Awards. In order to achieve this kind of glamorous look do the braid and place horizontal over the head. Attach it with appropriate hairpins. The simplicity of this hairstyle will tell people that they are looking at a self-confident woman. Princess Hairstyle shows the best in you.

Rihanna Afro Hippie Hairstyle

rihanna afro hippie hairstyle

Going afro is an attractive manner, and by adding hippie style it will boost your appearance. Rihanna is very fond of her hairstyle and we can see her frequently with this kind of styling. Red dye of a bit explicit dress just reinforces the foxy look. Watch out!

Jessica Alba Double Braid Headband Hairdo

jessica alba double braid headband hairdo

Supersexy hairstyle! That’s the spirit of the person who knows the secret or two about hair. It is important to do the styling of both braids at same manner across your head and you will have this great design.

Emma Stone Braided Fringes Hairstyle

emma stone braided fringes hairstyle

Simple is beautiful. With an extra touch of a braided fringe and hairstyle is done in the royal sense of that word. If you want to go one step further dye your hair in red, place the braid diagonally over the forehead and the magical look is completed. You may also See Spring Hairstyles

Kate Bosworth Beaded Headband for Wedding

kate bosworth beaded headband for wedding

This hippie hairstyle gives the impression of a cool and happy person. The beaded effect gives a funky hippie twist to the hairdo that is also accessorized by a headband. The headband is the part we have to accentuate and makes this look possible. Paired with this beautiful dress, it sports shiny little zircons and semi gemstone so it sparks beautifully.

Emmy Rossum Crystal Hippie Headband

emmy rossum crystal hippie headband

Style the hair with any ideas you have with a hippie essence, there are no rules and there are no limits. You are good looking for sure. A pearl hairband will make your hair straight and shiny. With the addition of crystals, it will glow even better. Try to find a way to get that extra texture. It won’t be hard, just use your imagination.

Maria Menounos Hippie Chignon Hairstyle

maria menounos hippie chignon hairstyle

Long hair has never been out of fashion. Messy parts will never go out of fashion. There are people who appreciate wavy hair pieces out, so stick to this detail. It’s just too sexy and we worship it.

Diana Agron Metallic Flower Headband Hairdo

diana agron metallic flower headband hairdo

This kind of a hairstyle definitively suits you if you are going to wear the little black dress and the metallic headband, that will open the face and show the world who is the pretty woman. The headband will add an extra vintage look. Can you outdo this? The headband gives a very hippie and funky image.

Flower Crown Hippie Hiartsyle

flower crown hippie hiartsyle


Trendy Half Up Hipster Hair

trendy half up hipster hair


Unique Hippie Hairstyle for Women

unique hippie hairstyle for women


Side Braided Bang Hairstyle

side braided bang hairstyle


Natural Flower Crown Hairdo

natural flower crown hairdo


Bridal Hippie Hairstyle Design

bridal hippie hairstyle design


Stylish Dread Locks Hippie hair

stylish dread locks hippie hair


Beautiful Floral Headband Hairdo

beautiful floral headband hairdo


We are talking about hairstyle freedom, which will bring you awesome look and glow. Fringe is an ornamental border of threads and nice idea as usual. It doesn’t matter if you leave loose or formed into tassels or twists, this design of a hairstyle is a winner. Again, beauty lies in the eye of beholder.

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