There is a hair design suitable for every day of the year. However on special occasions like Christmas time, we want to have something different and to make us stand out for our style and looks. With festive hair accessories and an abundance of glitters you can rest assured that for this Christmas your hair will be the center of attention. Keep on reading to find out our collection for Christmas hairstyles to help you.

Christmas Party Hairstyles

For long hair you can have a hairstyle with loose waves or a ponytails. For the ladies with short hair you can choose to style them with loose waves or Christmassy accessories that will add a glamorous touch.

Dianna Agron Christmas Party Curly Hairstyle

dianna agron christmas party curly hairstyle

Christmas Hairstyles For Short Hair

Short hair might look difficult to style however you have a great variety of choices. You can choose to adorn your hair with glamorous accessories or to adopt a rock style with wild waves or a romantic one with braid.

Julia Garner Short Curly Hairstyle for Christmas

julia garner short curly hairstyle for christmas

Katie Holmes Short Bob Hairstyle for Christmas

katie holmes short bob hairstyle for christmas

Christmas Hairstyles For Long Hair

Long hair for this Christmas needs volume. Make sure that you give a good tease to your hair before you continue with the chosen hairstyle. From side braids hairstyle to voluminous waves you can have them all along with fashionable accessories.

Christmas Long Waterfall Braid Hairstyle

christmas long waterfall braid hairstyle


Christmas Long Layered Hairstyle

christmas long layred hairstyle


Christmas Ponytail Hairstyles

Ponytails can look elegant or messy depending on the style we want to achieve. Make sure that your ponytail is voluminous or wavy in order to get a beautiful and stylish result that will accompany you during Christmas.

Christmas Twisted Ponytail Hairstyle

christmas tree twisted hairstyle


Christmas Braided Ponytail Hairstyle

christmas braided ponytail hairstyle


Christmas Updo Hairstyles

Christmas updos need to look glamorous and elegant. Depending on the style that you aim you can choose where to part your hair, middle or side. Also a great trend for updo is the combination of braid with messy bun.

Christmas Triple Braid Updo Hairstyle

christmas triple braid updo hairstyle


Christmas Low Updo Hairstyle

christmas low updo hairstyles


Kid’S Christmas Hairstyles

Girls of all ages can look adorable with the right Christmas hairstyle. You can choose to have a French braid that ends on a bow, or you can choose to have a bun hairstyle with Christmas accessories.

Kid’s Christmas Hairstyle with Bangs

kids christmas hairstyle with bangs


Kid’s Christmas Bun Hairstyle

kids christmas bun hairstyle


Christmas Hairstyles For Medium Hair

Medium length hair has the best of both worlds. They can style your hair with stylish braids or with tight curls. The beach waves will look incredible with hair accessories while the side braid updo will make you look fabulous.

Christmas Braid Hairstyles

Depending on the number of braids on your hair you can have different styles. You can create inspiring hairstyles with ribbons and accessories that will be woven in your hair. You can also choose a simple romantic side braid.

Christmas Double Braid Hairstyle

christmas double braid hairstyle


Curly Christmas Hairstyles

Tight curls are going to give you a vintage style that will look elegant and sophisticated for formal dinner on Christmas Eve. Lose or beach waves will look perfect for club parties while you can have them in many styles.

Medium Curly Christmas Hairstyle

medium curly christmas hairstyle


Christmas Bow Hairstyles

Bows look feminine and elegant. You can create a bow with your hair as a part of a stylish updo, or you can simply have a glamorous bow hairstyle accessory to wear. Choose a piece that will stand out.

Christmas Top Bow Hairstyle

christmas top bow hairstyle


Christmas Braided Bow Hairstyle

christmas braided bow hairstyle


Christmas Bob Haircuts

Choose the style you want depending on the shape of your face. Bob haircuts range from above chin length to shoulder length. To style your haircut you can choose a wavy style or a simple meticulously disheveled carefree one.

Christmas Asymmetric Bob Haircut

christmas asseymentric bob haircut


Shoulder Length Christmas Hairstyles

Shoulder length hair can be styled on an updo with accessories. You can also choose a braid hairstyle that will start at one side and end on the other framing your forehead. A beach wave style will add extra volume.

Shoulder Length Christmas Wavy Hairstyle

shoulder length christmas wavy hairstyle


Shoulder Length Purple Christmas Hairstyle

shoulder length purple christmas hairstyle


Vintage Christmas Hairstyles

Side parted hairstyles with a beautiful wavy waterfall on one shoulder are going to be the best vintage hairstyle for this Christmas. Get a little bit of old Hollywood glam with a hairstyle that will steal the spotlight for Christmas.

Vintage Medium Curly Christmas Hairstyle

vintage medium curly christmas hairstyle


Vintage Pinup Christmas Hairstyle

vintage pinup christmas hairstyle


Funny Christmas Hairstyles

You can borrow a couple ornaments from the Christmas tree and hang them on your hair creating a funny hairstyle. These hairstyles are suitable for family and friends gatherings on Christmas Day since everyone will ask about your hair.

Funny Bun Christmas Hairstyle

funny bun christmas hairstyle


Funny Cupcake Christmas Hairstyle

funny cupcake christmas hairstyle


Christmas Tree Hairstyles

Hair ties and ribbons are going to be your allies in this hairstyle. You can experiment on your friend’s or your sister’s hair in order to achieve a certain level of skill to pull it off on your hair.

Christmas Tree Half Ponytail

christmas tree half ponytail


Christmas Tree Bow Hairstyle

christmas tree bow hairstyle


You can have a carefree hairstyle with loose waves or your can go for stylish braids that will transform you into the queen of Christmas.

This Christmas get ready to amaze everyone. From the Christmas parties to family dinners you can find a hairstyle. You have enough time to try them all out and choose for every occasion. In any case we hope that our collection managed to help you find the right one.

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