Samurai is a very strong and powerful military caste in Japan. They were warriors and ultimate protectors. These military men kept a particular hairstyle which then became famous as a Samurai Hairstyle. It is quite possible that they were so busy protecting their nation that they had no time to maintain their hair and so they did a simple typical or traditional hairstyling or haircuts. Check our list of other Men’s Hairstyle . They have many categories and styles to choose from.

Kit Harington Samurai Bun Hairstyle Idea

kit harington samurai bun hairstyle idea

Like we saw that samurai is a traditional Japanese warrior. This type of hairstyle gives the man a bold and a brave look. The Hollywood celebrity with the samurai hairstyle with a bun looks absolutely stunning and if you wish for a bold look you must surely try this style on formal as well as casual.

Jared Leto Long Samurai Hairstyle for Men

jared leto long samurai hairstyle for men

Samurai hairstyles also have different patterns and styles. We see that almost everywhere you see a bun but all buns and topknots are different in every style. Like this Hollywood actor has the samurai hairstyle but with a different bun pattern. It looks attractive on formally dressed men.

Colin Farrell Traditional Samurai Haircut

colin farrell traditional samurai haircut

Like we saw samurai hairstyles have different patterns and styles. This celebrity has come up with a new style in samurai bun with a Fade Haircut. This hairstyle is a perfect choice for event and parties. It looks stunning because of the traditional samurai bun.

Elizabeth Olsen Samurai Hairstyle for Women

elizabeth olsen samurai hairstyle for women

Samurai topknots or bun hairstyles are not only for men. Like you see in this image even girls can go for samurai hairstyles. It is very simple to make a samurai bun hairstyle on the go to get a bold and an attractive look like this Hollywood celebrity.

Chris Hemsworth Samurai Hair Design

chris hemsworth samurai hair design

This handsome Hollywood actor is looking absolutely attractive in this samurai hairstyle. As you know this hairstyling has different patterns, you can see a new one in this image. A lowered bun at the back is very much stylish and suitable for all occasions.

Samurai Messy Bun Haircut

samurai messy bun haircut


A messy bun is always a simple and beautiful hairstyle. It can be done for everyday or for any desired occasions. Girls can do this hairstyle at home by looking at this particular image. It gives a brave look to the lady with this style.

Along with samurai topknots and bun here is a new style with a samurai pony. This look is sophisticated and is loved by almost all women. This style can be done on formal outfits to give your personality a better look. It is different but the best amongst all samurai styles.

Short Samurai Men Hairstyle

short samurai men hairstyle


Samurai hairstyles do not need long hair all the time. This style can be done with short hair too. Since you see a short hairstyle it is possible that you might get a small bun or a pony but it will still look pretty awesome and attractive. So men with short hair can also go for this style.

Shaved Sides Samurai Haircut

shaved sides samurai haircut


Shaved Sides Hairstyles are common nowadays. But a shaved side with a samurai bun, topknot or a pony looks different from regular styles and is done by many men all over the world. This is suitable for all occasions and looks attractive too.

Trendy Samurai Hairsttyle Idea

trendy samurai hairsttyle idea


Top Knot Samurai Hairstyle

top knot samurai hairstyle


Side Faded Samurai Hairstyle

side faded samurai hairstyle


Samurai Hairstyle for Long Hair

samurai hairstyle for long hair


Short Samurai Haircut Idea

short samurai haircut idea


Undercut Samurai Hairstyle Design

undercut samurai hairstyle design


Undercut hairstyles also look attractive with formal or casual outfits just like the samurai hairstyle. This hairstyle has different patterns for you to choose. There are different types of samurai buns and topknots to do for different occasions. Men who are conscious about their hairstyle here is a collection which will make you look more attractive and stunning in the society.

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