Men and short hair are not so uncanny in a phrase. Men go for either short or long hair styles based on their individual pick. While long spells stylish, freaky and rowdy, short hair conveys proper and gentleman-like charm. After a series of twists and trends short is again in fashion.

There is no need to sport the same old boring look with short hair. Men can now opt for varied cuts and trims even while sporting a short hairstyle.

Zac Efron Messy Spiky Hair

zac efron

A very clean cut style with minimum hair on sides and back and little longer on above. The hair on top is never longer than 2 inches. It is the most preferred style for people who want a clean and sleek look.

Chris Hemsworth Short Hair

chris hemsworth

This hairstyle is military inspired. Hair on the temple is kept so short that it merges with the beard. The hair on the top are little longer than the remaining ones but still short enough to be placed in a short hairstyle list. The hair at the top is styled in a straight standing fashion.

Ryan Gosling Combover Hair

ryan gosling

Taylor Lautner Short Haircut

taylor launter

Zayn Malik Messy Short Hair

zayn mailk

Robert Pattinson Short Hair

robert pattinson

Ryan Reynolds Neat Combover Hair

ryan reynolds

Brad Pitt Spiked up Hair

brad pitt

David Beckham Short Fade Hair

david beckham short hair

Paul Walker Military Hair

paul walker

Bradley Cooper Short Spiky Hair

bradley cooper

This hairstyle is very common among young guys and college goers. This style spots really short hair at the bottom and back with little longer hair at the top. The hair at the top is styled with the help of gel to give a straight sharp look.

This hairstyle is for people with very tight curls. The curls are trimmed a little bit, and sides are kept very short. It cleans the mess of curly hair and gives a clean and manageable look.

High Comb Over Hairstyle Ideas

men neat hairstyle


Side Taper Fade Haircut

groomed hairstyle


This haircut gives a Mohawk look with cuts just on the side, and rest hair retains from front to back. The hairline on the back side is given an arc.

This haircut works on all types of faces. It has long hair on top which is swayed on either of the sides and has really short hair on sides or back. It is the ultimate cool hair cut which also enhances the jaw line.

Short Messy Haircut Ideas

men short messy hair


This hairstyle is again for people with curly hair. The curly tresses on top are trimmed to very short curls, and the sides are kept very short which gives faded look. It is very cool hairstyle for people with curls. It is no maintenance and zero effort style.

slicked back hairstyle


This hair style does not have hair on bottom and back but only at the top. The hair on top can be styled in any way possible. The length on top is also quite short in this hair style. Mostly they are kept on one side either left or right with the help of a comb.

Simple Short Guy Haircut

clippers short haircut


This hairstyle just does not leave much hair, and so this is a low maintenance and no effort hairstyle. One even does not need to comb or style the hair.

Side Parted Short Hairdo

shapeup wave hair


Low Fade Haircut Idea

formal legal haircut


Undercut Variation Hairstyle

naturally classic hairstyle


Modern Side Pompadour Hairdo

fresh side fade hairstyle


This haircut has hair descending from top to bottom, with the top having the most hair and bottom having a really short length. The hair on top has been divided by a razor which gives an angular look and clearly defined parting. The hair on top is kept straight with the help of gel.

Classic Slicked Back Haircut

classic slicked back cut


Short Haircut with Bangs

amazing short haircut


These short hairstyles for men are ultra modern and have a cool quotient. Any person with these hairstyles can have a low maintenance hair grooming and comfort during hot summers.

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