Men tend to prefer short haircuts as they are low maintenance and easy to style. Short hairstyles continue to remain popular in any year because the short length tends to showcase clean cuts. However, as men become more aware of their fashion sense and looks, they tend to opt for hairstyles that are comfortable yet help enhance their facial features. So, make a make statement by trying out the following fresh and effortless short haircuts for men.

Short Curly Haircuts for Men

While curly hair was one considered feminine, guys have embraced their naturally curly hair. Even men with straight thin texture, have opted for short curly hairstyles to give volume and body to their hair. For a professional look opt for short, defined curls. You may also see Curly Hairstyles For Men

Will Smith Short Curly Haircut for Men

will smith short curly haircut for men1

Short Fade Haircuts for Men

Give your short hair a fresh look by opting for fade haircut. Every new fade is different; however, they all feature a gradual hair reduction especially on the sides. You can include a pattern or a distinct line that will give your fade an edge.

Ryan Reynolds Short Fade Haircut for Men

ryan reynolds short fade haircut for men

Short Spiky Haircuts for Men

If you are a man who prefers haircuts from past eras, then you will love short spiky haircuts. You will need to use gel products to keep your spikes in place and use your creativity to form a hustle free hairstyle. You can even apply light hair wax to get simple messy spikes.

Chris Pratt Short Spiky Haircut for Men

chris pratt short spiky haircut for men

Short Messy Haircuts for Men

The messy haircut will have you looking like you just popped out of bed! Leave your hair a bit longer on the top and randomly run your fingers through it to create a messy hairstyle. To look fashionable give a few front strands snowy tips. You may also see Bun Hairstyle Ideas for Men

David Beckham Short Messy Hairstyle for Men

david beckham short messy hairstyle for men

Short Hipster Haircuts for Men

Hipster haircuts for men get their inspiration from vintage hairstyles. Haircuts from the 1900s fit the hipster category. You can add a modern twist by incorporating unusual twists like an asymmetrical side part with a handlebar mustache. A pompadour with side undercut will leave you looking neat.

Alex Meraz Short Hipster Hairstyle for Men

alex meraz short hipster hairstyle for men

Slicked Back Short Haircuts for Men

Suitable for those who love contemporary styles, slicked back short haircuts for men are ageless and timeless. You can do this style in so many different ways so as to put more focus on your facial structure. Complement this hairstyle with a light beard.

Justin Timberlake Slicked Back Short Haircut for Men

justin timberlake slicked back short haircut for men

Short Tapered Haircuts for Men

Short taper haircuts for men will always remain trendy so you might as well rock this style. It’s tidy; works on all face shapes and hair structure. It features a decreased hair length at the ears and back. You can choose from a high taper to low taper.

Cristiano Ronaldo Short Tapered Haircut for Men

cristiano ronaldo short tapered haircut for men

Short Shaggy Haircuts for Men

Short shaggy haircuts are ideal for fashion-forward men or those who want a fancy hairstyle which doesn’t look messy. These styles are often uncomplicated and will ensure you look trendy without putting too much effort. A messy Ivy League cut will help you look sleek and fun.

Brad Pitt Short Shaggy Haircut for Men

brad pitt short shaggy haircut for men

Short Wavy Haircuts for Men

Unlike curly hair, wavy haircuts for men can be hard to style. The trick is to opt for a style that creates volume and adds texture. Fading the sides and back while leaving the top hair longer will leave you looking elegant. You may also see Men’s Wavy Hairstyles

Brody Jenner Short Wavy Haircut for Men

brody jenner short wavy haircut for men

Men’s Short Side Haircuts

You will look distinguished when you opt for short side haircuts. Classy, clean and easy to do, these hairstyles for men are even appropriate for a workplace. For the young generation, an etched sidecut will make your dark hair pop.

Chris Pine Short Side Haircut for Men

chris pine short side haircut for men

Short Haircuts for Men with Round Faces

A round face usually has equal length and width. If you have this face shape, then choose haircuts that add volume so as to create an illusion of a longer face. Adding spikes to the front hair will add height and balance out your face.

Chris Hemsworth Short Hairstyle for Round Face

chris hemsworth short hairstyle for round face

Short Bald Haircuts for Men

Whether you have receding hairlines or thin hair, you can choose the ideal haircut to camouflage your bald spot. A crew cut style with a neat beard is low maintenance and will depict your style. A well-trimmed beard and mustache can draw attention away from your baldness.

Channing Tatum Short Bald Haircut for Men

channing tatum short blad haircut for men

Short hair designs are the most popular go-to hairstyles for both traditional and modern men. They are easy to manage, style and keep clean; yet work to show masculinity. Having short hair doesn’t limit you to styling options. You can add spikes, create a fringe, Mohawk or add texture.

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