Slick back hairstyles are a big hit this season and are surely making their way into the Emmys, Grammys and Cannes. It’s effortless, spells ‘confident’ out loud and is high on fashion. Indeed a welcome change from those quaint waves and high buns. Remember that Pompadour Haircut on Elvis Presley? Well, it’s time to live that. Here are some slick back hairstyle ideas that you can don this season and rock that outfit.

Hayden Panettiere Slick Back Hair

hayden panettiere slick back hair

Hayden Panettiere opted for subtle volume at the roots and pulled it off quite efficiently. Spray some volumizing spray and blow dry the hair near the roots to give it volume while you smoothen out the sides with some styling cream.

David Beckham Wavy Combover Haircut

david beckham wavy combover haircut

This has been on the charts for quite some time. It looks elegant as well as effortless. Not entirely, though. Blow dry the top hair, pull it upward and back. Then, using a styling cream, train that hair in the right direction. You may also see Formal Hairstyle Ideas for Short Hair

Katie Holmes Long Slick Back Hair

katie holmes long slick back hair

Very chic and sleek, Katie Holmes rocks the long slick back hair like a pro! To get this look, you can simply use your styling cream and blow dryer to give that top some volume while pinning back the sides with no-crease clips.

Justin Timberlake High Volume Slick Back Hair

justin timberlake high voloume slicked back hair

Men aren’t a single step back when it comes to slick back hair. Wielding your blow dryer correctly, coupled with a good pomade and brushing skills, you can also have this legendary hairstyle done at home.

Zac Efron Side Parted Slick Back Hairdo

zac efron side parted slick back hairdo

After you get the hang of it, this is quite easy to do. Instead of just pulling your back, side-part it, take the widest section and sweep it back using styling cream and a blow dryer to secure it in place.

Brad Pitt Pompadour Combover Hairstyle

brad pitt pompadour combover hairstyle

This is definitely not for the faint-hearted. The slicked back undercut is high impact, with length at the top and shaved at the sides. With the right hair products and some styling precision, this hairdo could go a long way!

Kit Harington Slick Back Bun Hairdo

kit harington slick back bun hairdo

If you have long and curly hair but still want to don that slick back style, this is your go-to haircut. No extra rocket-science. Just pull all your hair back, secure it with a cream and tie it in a bun. Perfection.

Cristiano Ronaldo Slick Back Undercut Hairstyle

cristiano ronaldo slicked back undercut hairstyle

A favourite among his fans, Ronaldo brought this hairstyle to the charts. To get this look you have to get the sides shaved close to the skin and the top hair side parted and slicked back. Neat and decent.

Jencarlos Canela Combover Haircut

jencarlos canela combover haircut

The main thing to keep in mind while imitating this look is that you have your sides properly trimmed and that you don’t weigh your top hair down. So, it is suggested that you use a deconstructing gum to hold the hair strong.

Anna Paquin Slicked Back Hair

anna paquin slicked back hair

And there goes another immensely bold look. Run mousse on damp hair to give the wet look and then wield the blow dryer to give volume at the roots and give the final shape. Smoothen it with a paddle brush and end it with some hairspray. You may also see Men Bun Hairstyles

Slicked Back Bun Hairstyle

slicked back bun hairstyle for women


Side Faded Slicked Back Hair

side faded slicked back hair


Trendy Slick Back Haircut

trendy slick back haircut


Cool Combover Hairstyle Idea

cool combover hairstyle idea


Simple Slicked Back Hairstyle

simple slicked back hairstyle


High Pompadour Slick Back Hair

high pompadour slick back hair


The slicked back hair is trending, versatile and can be played within a number of different styles. It looks equally good on both short and long hair. We recommend you trying this for your next formal outing or party.

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