With the holiday season just around the corner, there is always an added urge to change something about the look. And, if there is one thing that can complete and match the stylish shoes, handbags and holiday makeup, it is definitely a trendy hairstyle. Whether you wish to go bold and edgy or soft and simple, these 10 hairstyle trends will certainly match your varied style and preference.

10. Just Slick It

just slick it

Slicked back wet do, inspired by 80s, is the one hairstyle that carries the chic sex appeal. Nice, tough and strong, the slicked back look can be carried well with a topknot and even raked back open hair.

9. Accessorize Your Hair

accessorise your hair

Hair accessories are a staple no matter the season. Placed on the back of the hair or adjusted behind the ear, the embellished clips, pins, baubles or fabric crowns can always jazz up the plain look. With the multiple styles available, the accessories can be easily paired with straight or curly hair.

8. Unusual Braids

unusual braids

Braids whether carried on a runway or real life can turn around the complete look of the outfit. Right from soft, romantic, tough or graphic, they can be styled in each and every manner. This coming year, go off the basic by styling the braids past the three strand or the regular French manner.

7. Fringe it Up

fringe it up


Fringes are officially back and you can easily style and pair them with long or short hair. With the added feature of framing the face and sometimes even hiding the imperfections, bangs are versatile and, with the right cut and length, can easily suit any face type.

6. 80s Revival

80s revival

The 80s have finally revived and it is time to revamp your look with a slight crimping, voluminous curls, and even a little mullet action. Styled sideways or left open, the style reflects an added ease.

5. Deep Side Part

deep side part

Switching your natural hair parting can help to change the look of your existing hairstyle. Go with a deep part and use a single black bobby pin to tuck the hair behind one ear. The hairstyle can help to create drama and even bring a sleek style to the updo.

4. Casual Waves

casual waves

One of the biggest hair trends for the coming year is undone waves. Reflecting a natural texture, the hairstyle can be paired well with casual as well as formal attire. The hairstyle is a perfect pick if you have a naturally wavy hair.

3. Double Buns

double buns

The double bun is one cute and flirty hairstyle that can be easily paired on short as well as long hair. Neat and sleek, the style is also perfect if you wish to keep all your hair up.

2. Low Ponytail

low ponytail

The low ponytail is a simple and sleek style that reflects elegance and youthfulness. Create the band of the ponytail with the strand of the hair to make a look pretty and soft.

1. Ballerina Buns

ballerina buns

A good ballerina bun is a classic style that is too good to miss. The hairstyle can definitely adapt well to the ultra chic as well messy style.

Whether it is sporty or soft, a fashionable hairstyle can be one trendy accessory to don with the stylish attire this Holiday season.

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