The pageboy haircut is a very modern hairstyle. Though some women may still prefer long hair, this cut offers a great alternative especially for busy women who have no time to spare managing their long locks. Pageboy haircut is actually not a new style. It has been fashioned years ago and the trend just keeps coming back because it is elegant and easy to manage. You can have really short pageboy or you can opt for one of the latest medium layered hairstyles.

Kristen Stewart Pageboy Bob Haircut

kristen stewart pageboy bob haircut

Pageboy wavy bob hairstyle is a nice cut as the lovely frame enhances the face. Kristen Stewart looks really enchanting with this cut, as the hair flatters her facial features to perfection. The slight curl on the front is a nice flirty addition to the look.

Taylor Swift Modern Pageboy Haircut

taylor swift modern pageboy haircut

This pageboy haircut is the perfect choice for active young women like Taylor Swift. It allows for easy management, which is essential for the modern busy women. The bangs give the face a softer and younger look.

Jennifer Lawrence Blonde Pageboy Hairstyle

jennifer lawrence blonde pageboy hairstyle

Short blonde hair with waves and pageboy style is a great cut to fashion if you want to look like J Law. The Hunger Games star has been displaying different hairstyles and the pageboy is definitely one that brings out the best of her features. This is one of those so-called wash and wear wavy hairstyles.

Kaley Cuoco Short Pageboy Bob Hairstyle

kaley cuoco short pageboy bob hairstyle

If you like your hair really short, pageboy hairstyle being fashioned by Kaley Cuoco is probably the one for you. The hair can be just hand-swept, which is typical for short messy hairstyles. It is elegant to look at and it is perfect for those cute small feminine faces.

Rose Byrne Pageboy Haircut with Fringes

rose byrne pageboy haircut with fringes

This fringed pageboy haircut worn by Rose Byrne is a nice option, as well. It is not too short so it can be styled for special occasions. It is not too long so it can be easily managed if you are too busy for styling.

Keira Knightley Boy Cut Hairstyle Idea

keira knightley boy cut hairstyle idea

Keira Knightley nailed this look, there is no doubt about that. Though the curly long hair she sported in the pirate movies were really nice on her, this pageboy cut brings out her real beauty. The short hair frames her elegantly beautiful face to perfection.

Emma Stone Long Pageboy Haircut

emma stone long pageboy haircut

This long pageboy hairstyle makes Emma Stone look like a little girl. The length is a bit conservative compared to other pageboy styles, and it allows for nice styling if needed.

Katie Holmes Pageboy Haircut for Women

katie holmes pageboy haircut for women

The framing pageboy haircut gives Katie Holmes the femme fatale look. She looks like a true woman of the world, which is way too different than the Katie Holmes of the Dawson’s Creek days.

Kiernan Shipka Wavy Curly Pageboy Hairstyle

kiernan shipka wavy curly pageboy hairstyle

Ringlets in a pageboy? Why not? If Kiernan Shipka can get away with it, well so can you – and anyone else who has the attitude to carry it. The side-swept style done for this image is a great way to style a wavy hair in a pageboy cut.

Lisa Butcher Layered Pageboy Haircut

lisa butcher layered pageboy haircut

This layered pageboy hairstyle is ideal for the mature women who like to stay elegant without the need to spend hours in front of the mirror arranging and styling their hair. Lisa Butcher definitely sports this hairstyle to perfection. You may also see Short Shag Hairstyles

Retro Style Pageboy Hair

retro style pageboy hair


Trendy Bob Cut with Bangs

trendy bob cut with bangs


Vintage Style Pageboy Haircut

vintage style pageboy haircut


Curly Pageboy Hairstyle Design

curly pageboy hairstyle design


Textured Pageboy Bob Haircut

textured pageboy bob haircut


Cool Pageboy Hairstyle with Bangs

cool pageboy hairstyle with bangs


Celebrities will always be fashion icons. Most women check out how female celebrities look before they choose new styles for clothes and hair. The pageboy haircut has been the choice of busy and active women. It is that one style that you can display at a moment’s notice. You do not need to spend hours drying and styling these elegant and beautiful short layered hairstyles.

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