If you are planning to go for a short haircut and want to try something new, we have the best hairstyle for you. Contrary to the general notion of bob hairstyles being drab and unfashionable, A-line bob act as the fashionable breather. A-line bobs are versatile and they allow you to play around with the length, textures and layers and still look perfect on everyone.

If you feel, A-line bobs just suit straight hair, trust us, you are deeply mistaken. The haircut looks equally good on curly as well as wavy hair.If you are 90% convinced about experimenting with the hairstyle we have enlisted the 20 best A line bob hairstyles to validate the remaining 10%.

Kristen Stewart Short Stacked A Line Bob

kristen stewart short stacked a line bob

Try out the Kristen Stewart bob for a chic and fashionable look. The length is neither too short nor too long, perfect for the time of summers. You can keep your bangs long if you wish to go for a more feminine look. The look requires minimal styling and maintenance. If you love the length and look, you can trim regularly to keep it in perfect shape.

Jennifer Lawrence Layered Haircut

jennifer lawrence layered haircut

For a relatively longer A-line bob, you can choose to go for layers like Jennifer. The layers will help you give a voluminous effect on top if that is the style you are looking for. Try adding highlights if you wish to go for an even more defined look.

Kate Hudson A-Line Straight Bob Hairstyle

kate hudson a line straight bob hairstyle

If you love the sleek blonde look, this Kate Hudson bob will be a perfect fit for you. You can keep your hair to the ideal shoulder length and thin the top for a settled and put together look. You can part your hair in the middle or side, depending on your preference.

Rihanna with Straight Bob Haircut

rihanna with straight bob haircut

For the Rihanna look, thin out the ends of your hair and keep one side long. The style looks best with perfectly straightened out hair as you can see the cut clearly.

Keira Knightley A Line Bob Hairstyle

keira knightley a line bob hairstyle

For Keira Knightley look, go for a short A-line bob on the back and keep the front slightly long till the length of your chin. Keeping the hair short on the back gives you a good amount of volume to try different styles.

Selena Gomez Bob Hairstyle with Bangs

selena gomez short bob hairstyle

A line bob looks amazing with thick hair. You can keep the length of hair on front and back equal till the shoulders and go for side swept bangs. The length allows you to experiment with all the styles and it is still easily manageable.

Taylor Swift A Line Long Bob Haircut

taylor swift a line long bob haircut

If you have naturally curly hair, go for the Taylor Swift A-line bob that is thinned out on one side. Go for a deep part and let the natural texture peek through your hair. As the curly hair tend to appear shorter go for a length that ends just below your ear .

Julianne Hough Short A Line Bob

julianne hough short a line bob

Give your wavy hair a well-kept look with short A-line bob. Style it as per your preference and enjoy the scorching heat in style.

Purple Color Bob Hairstyle

purple color bob hairstyle


Gorgeous Side Bangs Hairstyle

gorgeous side bangs hairstyle


Cool Short Bob Haircut Idea

cool short bob haircut idea


Trendy Bob Haircut for Voluminous Hair

trendy bob haircut for voluminous hair


Sleek and Smooth Bob Hairstyle for Women

sleek and smooth bob hairstyle for women


Grey Color Chin Length Hairstyle

grey color chin length hairstyle


A-line bobs are one of the best hairstyles to transform the dull and boring look too exciting and distinct. The hairstyle, because of its decent length, is manageable and can be styled in a numerous way. Whether you go for a denser or a thinned out look, A-line bob will certainly not be a disappointing choice.

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