A hairstyle can transform the way a person looks. It is proven again and again. The way the hair is cut or dressed does bring a significant change in the person’s face and the overall look. The short hair is one hairstyle that brings about sophistication, detailing and sometimes the geek look to the woman’s face. The short haircut can make a face look longer or sharp or thinner based on the haircut. The short hair is easy to manage and style up too. There are a lot of options to dress short hair and loo beautiful and sexy.

Melina Kanakaredes Short Curly Haircuts for Women

melina kanakaredes short curly haircuts for women

The Short curly haircut is a comeback haircut trend. The short hair or shoulder length hair when curled make any woman look romantic and feminine. Curls have a feminine and romantic feel. They can spice up the look from an ordinary one to just magical.

Ashley Scott Short Layered Hairstyles for Women

ashley scott short layered hairstyles for women

Layering adds volume to the hair and brings out a clear definition to the face. The layered haircut looks good on anyone. The specialty of the layered haircut is that it can be styled up by highlighting the edges, made into funky and trendy hair by adding colors to it.

Sharon Stone Women’s Short Shaggy Haircut

sharon stone womens short shaggy haircut

The Short shaggy haircut takes away the soft look and adds a touch of boldness to the face. The short shaggy haircut can be tried in many different ways and experimented with many hues. The shaggy hairstyle basically is to show that you are out of a nutshell and ready to rock. Ladies! If you want to show the world that you are ready to win over the world, try this haircut.

Beyonce Short Bob Haircuts for Women

beyonce short bob haircuts for women

Bob haircuts are always trendy and in fashion haircuts. The specialty of this haircut is that they suit any face shape and look good on every woman. The bob cut is made trendy by adding curls, waves, highlighting the edges, having it straight etc. The bob haircut is a versatile haircut which can be styled in many ways.

Rihanna Women’s Short Mohawk Haircut

rihanna womens short mohawk haircut

Short Mohawk haircuts are made by shaving the hair in the sides and leaving the center portion. But there are many variations to the Mohawk style where the shaving of the hair is not required. It is an expression of ‘Not caring what others think about me’ attitude. This haircut is trendy and popular among young ad college going girls who love to express themselves.

Ashlee Simpson Short Women’s Asymmetrical Haircut

ashlee simpson short womens asymmetrical haircut

The short asymmetrical haircuts where the hair is short one side and long on the other side is a trendy hairstyle which gives a sophisticated look to the face. Many women who would love to try something new are going for this haircut. Ladies! Try this haircut to look all new and trendy!

Malinda Williams Short Spiky Haircuts for Women

malinda williams short spiky haircuts for women

The Short spiky haircut is another stylish and cool way of expressing oneself. The spiky haircut makes a woman look cool and ‘take what comes into life’ attitude. This haircut is much popular among young and college going girls.

Miley Cyrus Women’s Short Punk Hairstyle

miley cyrus womens short punk hairstyle

Women who want to look trendy and cool choose punk hairstyles. They are offbeat and expressive. Experimentation is the basic rule of the punk haircut. Whether it may be Mohawk haircut, pixie haircut, haircut with geometrical lines or figures etc. all come under punk hairstyles. Young women especially who would like to express themselves can try out these hairstyles which can be tried out with variations in colorings too.

Ginnifer Goodwin Short Edgy Haircuts for Women

ginnifer goodwin short edgy haircuts for women

Edgy haircut cuts are one of the favorite hairstyling for short hair. The hair is cut so that it forms an edge when falling on the cheeks or cut to form edges on the forehead which give an angular shape to the face. Particularly if the face is round or square these edgy haircuts which have lots of variations can make the face look sharp.

Elisha Cuthbert Short Choppy Haircuts for Women

elisha cuthbert short choppy haircuts for women

The short choppy haircuts have rough edges to the hair which are shattered and jagged. The haircuts such as pixie, asymmetric etc. can also be transformed into choppy haircut by not having clear and defined edges. The choppy haircut is very trendy and popular among celebrities.

Anne Hathaway Short Pixie Haircuts for Women

anne hathaway short pixie haircuts for women

Pixie haircut is one trendy haircut which is loved and sought after by many women. It is glamorous, feminine and flattering on any woman. Especially this haircut looks great in oval faces giving a non-fussy look to the face.

Michelle Williams Women’s Short Blonde Hairstyle

michelle williams womens short blonde hairstyle

The short haircut is trendy and getting more and more popular with so many celebrities turning towards this haircut. The short blonde haircut is just a fabulous and cute way of showing the feminine side of a woman. It’s refreshing and cute. What else is needed ?

Rachel McAdams Short Wavy Haircuts For Women

rachel mcadams short wavy haircuts for women

Waves are a fashion statement and they make a woman look professional and stylish instead of cute. Ladies! If you want to show the World that you are professional instead of cute, try this haircut to be taken seriously!

Julianne Hough Women’s Short Wedding Hairstyle

julianne hough womens short wedding hairstyle

Women who love to look different and offbeat can try a variety of short wedding hairstyles. The messy short haircut, a bob haircut with layerings, a layered short haircut etc. can be accessorized with tiaras, a cute pin or clips to make them look beautiful yet trendy and modern.

The short hair is the trendy haircut which is preferred by many women for its easy maintenance and its versatility is styling. It changed to many different looks by just adding bangs, waves, highlights, edges, colors etc.

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