The 20th century was the origin of many fashion trends that we see today. One of the most flattering trends of the 1920s included flapper hairstyle and short hairstyle designs. Luckily, both these head-turning trends can go together. Flapper hairstyle is a wavy, royal-looking, side-swept hairstyle that looks great on any hair color, any texture. The best part about it is that it can be designed on hair of any length.

Sophia Bush Side Swept Flapper Hairstyle

sophia bush side swept flapper hairstyle

This gorgeous hairstyle is so hot you can wear it to the red carpet! The beautiful waves bring a great impression to an otherwise routine short curly hairstyle. The right makeup and hairstyle would create a lasting impression with this hairstyle.

Jessica Alba Flapper Waves Hairstyle

jessica alba flapper waves hairstyle

The waves in this flapper hairstyle design are subtle and light. Many girls prefer wearing a nice, neat updo on first dates, so this flapper hairstyle is a great choice with natural makeup and a good-girl (but hot) dress. If you have extremely kinky hair that won’t show your hairstyle as well, you might consider a weave hairstyle.

Katy Perry Flapper Bob Haircut

katy perry flapper bob haircut

Katy Perry looks good with everything! Her jet black hair looks absolutely stunning in this short curly hairstyle that perfectly rocks a light flapper hairstyle. The sparkly headband is a great addition to the simple hairstyle.

Zooey Deschanel Flapper Hairstyle for Long Hair

zooey deschanel flapper hairstyle for long hair

This dazzling girl is almost always seen in this front bangs plus flapper hairstyle design – from her series on Star World to her movies, flapper hairstyle makes her look like a doll! The hairstyle is a modern variation of the original 1920s flapper hairstyle, but this variation is perfect for an everyday look that you can keep for years.

Kim Kardashian Short Flapper Hairstyle

kim kardashian short flapper hairstyle

The short curly hairstyle on this beautiful Kardashian looks amazing and neat. This hairstyle is an absolute hit for prom nights, ball parties, red carpet, and even for a fancy dinner. If you are opting to get this hairstyle, you should make sure to have a fancier dress, or add some hair accessories to make it stand out more.

Taylor Swift Curly Flapper Haircut

taylor swift curly flapper haircut

Taylor – famous for her jaw-dropping princess beauty and love songs, is a great fashion idol with millions of followers. Her simplicity never fails to please her fans, just like in this picture which displays a flapper short curly hairstyle that girls with weave hairstyle can also wear perfectly.

Marilyn Monroe Flapper Hairstyle for Halloween

marilyn monroe flapper hairstyle for halloween

Some fashion idols are never really gone. Marilyn Monroe’s hairstyle is still very popular and deluxe. This flapper hairstyle would be worn well on fancy parties or Halloween.

Julianne Hough Vintage Flapper Hairstyle Design

julianne hough vintage flapper hairstyle design

This cute bob hairstyle with a light, flowy flapper hairstyle looks as gorgeous as you want it to. Wear it to school, a girl’s night out, just on your way to the grocery store, this short hairstyle is a relaxed hairstyle.

Demi Lovato Flapper Pin Curls Hair

demi lovato flapper pin curls hair

She looks like a gothic queen that has come to life from the 20th century with this flapper hairstyle. Her pale complexion goes very well with her black hair and dark makeup.

Charlize Theron Flapper Hairstyle with Headband

charlize theron flapper hairstyle with headband

A sparkly headband looks great with any hairstyle, especially with this short curly hairstyle. The light flapper hairstyle resembles the one that Jessica Alba flaunts in this list. You may also see Wavy Hairstyles

Retro Flapper Hairstyle and Makeup

retro flapper hairstyle and makeup


Beautiful Flapper Hairstyle for Women

beautiful flapper hairstyle for women


Flapper Look Hairstyle Idea

flapper look hairstyle idea


Cool Wavy Flapper Hairstyle

cool wavy flapper hairstyle


Pretty Flapper Hairstyle Design

pretty flapper hairstyle design


Classic Flapper Hairstyle for Bridal

classic flapper hairstyle for bridal


All these flapper hairstyle designs are simple and neat. The transition from prominent thick waves in some hairstyles to the lighter, flowy waves in the others is all that make the difference. The best trait of these updo hairstyles is that they are textured with waves.

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