The tricorn hat designs were a trend in the 1700s and it lasted for about a century. The shape is triangular due to their pinched point in front of the hat. They were made from various fabrics and materials. Today it can be found in the felt or leather hat sections in Halloween costumes. For today’s post, we have picked out a collection of tricorn hat designs that will help you steal this year’s spotlight. You may also see Fringe Hat Designs

Leather Tricorn Hat

leather tricorn hat

This tricorn hat has a gold braided edge that outlines the leather material. The sides are pined on the crown creating a triangular shape. Also the metal conch with the pheasant feather adds an aristocratic look.

Pirate Tricorn Hat Design

pirate tricorn hat design


If you want to sport a pirate’s look during this year’s Halloween party, then we bet that these leather hats are just the perfect ones for you. The simple design with the sides pined to the crown with a cross leather strings adds a brutal touch to the look. You may also see Hippie Hat Designs

This black hat gets a feminine twist with the feathers and the ribbons that create a stunning embellishment on the side. This is ideal for someone who wants a little attention during the Halloween parties.

Vintage Tricorn Hat

vintage tricorn hat

For a vintage approach you can choose a hat in velvet. This brown velvet piece has a ribbon going around the crown and ending on a bow. This one is just the ideal one for a 1920’s themed party.

Victorian Tricorn Hat

victorian tricorn hat


This one will give you extra points for your taste. The frilly edges and the lace create a strong feminine edge. Complete with the side feathers and the flower, the pearl finish is one for an aristocratic look.

Mini Tricorn Hat Design

mini tricorn hat design

The pink and white feathers of this hat create a romantic look. The small size makes it perfect for wearing it lopsided. It is also a great idea for hippy hat and clothing in the same color scheme.

Antique Tricorn Hat

antique tricorn hat


You can find tutorials on the internet that will help you make this tricorn hat on your own. All you will need are just the appropriate materials which you can easily find online or on stores and some time and patience. The result will make you just so proud.

Tricorn Hat with Feather

tricorn hat with feather


This is by far the most extraordinary tricorn hat. The different feathers add a rich mix of colors. And the small ship creates a spectacular design perfect for the pirate look you are vying for.

Beautiful Tricorn Hat

beautiful tricorn hat

This black hat has one side pinned on the crown and the other just curled. Very close to a 18th century military costume, this hat has a very polished and elegant design. It’s sure to give you some kudos for your choice in every party you attend. You may also see Musketeer Hat Designs

Large Tricorn Hat Idea

large tricorn hat idea


Simple Tricorn Hat Design

simple tricorn hat design


Gray Tricorn Hat Idea

gray tricorn hat idea


Tricorn Hat for Men

tricorn hat for men


Trendy Tricorn Hat Design

trendy tricorn hat design


Brown Color Tricorn Hat

brown color tricorn hat


White Tricorn Hat Idea

white tricorn hat idea


You can also incorporate patterns from other styles like the Zelda hat for the Tricon is here to stay! Also the Tricorn hats need extra care. In case you choose one with feathers and other embellishments, then you have to make sure that you store them properly in a special box in order to maintain the shape and the feathers.

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