Hat Designs

Hats are timeless, practical and make a bold fashion statement making them the perfect accessory to wear in any season. You can wear a classy fedora hat to church, a baseball cap to a game, a fascinator to a special celebration or a trendy beanie to a picnic. Wear a hat to cover up a bad hair day or to protect your head from harsh weather elements such as the sun, snow, and rain. We are all born with different face shapes; so whether you have an oval, diamond, oblong or heart face shape, there is a hat design that will look fabulous on you. Read More

Fashionable hats such as those with cute emoji symbols, floral patterns, fringe and wide-brimmed hat function to portray personal style. Apart from shielding the sun and cold, small flapper hats and gambler hats can act as accessories which help make an outfit complete. Baseball hats are for casual sporty occasions and they pair well with ripped jeans, a white tee and leather jacket. You can even wear it backward and you will still look cool. The key to picking the perfect heart is to ensure it fits properly hence you need to know the circumference of your head to determine your hat size. Ladies with long faces can wear small hats to create the illusion of balance.

Wide brim hats with a 70s inspired look, vintage hippie hats, and Western cowboy hats will look stunning on women and guys. A floppy fedora in a cranberry color can create a boho image hence ideal for those who love experimenting with different looks. Straw hats are perfect for summer, especially when going to the beach or for a picnic. You can also opt for a simple Panama hat which is versatile enough to complement most of your clothes. The decorative element of a mini hat makes it ideal for a funeral, wedding or church service.

There are many types of hat designs, and you can choose which ones to wear depending on the outfit, face shape, and event. The best way to wear a beret is to slant it on one side. When dressed in cowboy leather hat pair with jeans, shorts or even match it with cowboy boots. Fedoras with a swallowed top, animal prints and bling hat designs are for making a fashion statement. When attending a costume party wear musketeer, tricon pirate or a Zelda hat design.