The meaning of the term trippy is, resembling or inducing the hallucinatory effect produced by taking a psychedelic drug. But what connection does this term have with the hat designs? Well, Trippy Hats have same kinds of hallucinating designs on the hats or visual related to the same term. Hallucination is an experience of something not present. And the visuals of such hats are very different. You must have heard about Hippie Hats also. It is popular in guys from related to rock music or rock bands.

Handmade Trippy Hat


Handmade materials have a different charm in them. And a handmade hat looks very beautiful and the plus point is that you can design the hat the way you want. Or else get it designed as per your choice. This type of hat looks awesome on swaggy looking guys.

These type of hats are not adjustable they are completely fit hats. They give a swaggy look to the person wearing this. You must have seen this type so many times on television sets also. You can surely try this hat to make people look at you and appreciate your look in the hat.

Boonie hats are hats with wide brims, they are also known as giggle hats. These types of hats are mostly used by military men. Of course common people can also use this. It is not a hat used for a particular weather or occasion or by people of particular age group. Anyone can wear this type of hat and enhance your look.

Vintage Trippy Hat Design


Vintage hat designs are always the centre of attraction foe hat lovers. This type of design is very rare and also is unique at the same time. So people who like to buy unique designed hats, you should definitely try the vintage design.

Hand Sketch Trippy Hat


This type of hat is a special edition. In this design, the designers sketch the required design on the hat. If you want to be innovative you can sketch the design by yourself as to how you like. It looks very cool and creative.

Flower Art Trippy Hat


Unique Trippy Hat Design


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