Trends of the golden era have been reemerging, and the bucket hat has not been left behind. Popular with celebrities such as Rihanna, Chris Brown, and Justin Bieber as well as in the fashion industry, this hat design has become a trend that has to be in your wardrobe. Bucket hat designs tend to depict “don’t care attitude” making it easier to style with any outfit. In this list, we have different types of bucket hat designs worth checking.

Camo Bucket Hats

The bucket hat which was popular in the 80s and 90s continue to come in various colors and patterns, and the camo design is a favorite for both men and women. It is perfect for people who love outdoor activities. Pair this hat with military boots and a camo jacket when going hunting or camping. You may also see Trippy Hat Designs

Floral Bucket Hats

If you love the bucket hat but want a pattern that depicts your femininity then go for floral bucket hat designs. Wear this hat when going to the beach or when going shopping during summer. The trick to looking cute is to pair with a floral dress or a maxi skirt. You may also see Floral Hat Designs

Floral Print Bucket Hat

floral print bucket hat

Denim Bucket Hat Designs

Just like the bucket hat which is trendy every year so is denim. Denim Bucket hats are timeless, chic and look good with any skin tone. Suitable for both guys and girls of any age, match this hat with boyfriend jeans or a pair of denim shorts that have been folded at the hem.

Leather Bucket Hats

If you need to depict your elegant style, then go for a bucket hat in leather design. Leather bucket hats are ideal for bikers or people who ride motorcycles.  The design is dope that you can pair with jeans, black boots, a white t-shirt and layer with a leather jacket of the same color as the hat. You may also see Leather Hat Designs

Black Leather Bucket Hat

black leather bucket hat


Disney Bucket Hats

During the 2000s the bucket hat was a popular beachwear accessory and also with dads who took their children to Disney land. Today you can still wear Disney bucket hats to the beach, music concert where they will keep you cool, comfortable and prevent excessive sweating. So you end up standing out from the crowd.

Plaid Bucket Hats

Plaid bucket hat designs come in different patterns, and each one of them depicts you as a fun person. From gingham, tartan, madras to glen plaid, you can choose a plaid pattern that describes your personality and style. While Madras represents a carefree character, Glen plain distinguishes you as valued.

Women’s Plaid Bucket Hat Design

womens plaid bucket hat design

Sports Bucket Hats

What better way to show love for your favorite team than through a sports bucket hat. They work primarily for soccer moms who attend their children’s game to cheer them on. If your spouse is a professional athlete, then rock this hat to one of the games and see how all eyes will be on you. You may also see Flapper Hat Designs

Sports Sun Bucket Hat Idea

sports sun bucket hat idea

Vintage Bucket Hat Designs

If you prefer caps from old eras, then vintage bucket hats will be ideal for you. They come in subtle colors which depict your peaceful nature or bold shades which showcase you as a person who loves fun. Go for a tie and dye bucket hat and a pair of jeans and button down shirt. You may also see Spring Hat Designs

Black Vintage Bucket Hat Design

black vintage bucket hat design

Beach Bucket Hats

Beach buckets hats tend to be in vibrant color and can also incorporate floral patterns. To depict a fun beach atmosphere opt for bucket hats in vibrant colors such as red or orange and match with the color of your bikini. You can also choose to tone it down by pairing with muted beach outfits.

Mesh Bucket Hats

Mesh Bucket hats are specifically for ladies as their depict feminity. These hats are sophisticated, elegant and attractive. They illustrate a girly image hence should be paired with a lace dress or mesh maxi skirt with boots or high heels. Ensure your makeup is on point because the hat will draw attention towards your facial features. You may also see Monogram Hat Designs

Camo Mesh Bucket Hat

camo mesh bucket hat


Floppy Bucket Hats

If you need a hat that is perfect for summer seasons, then go for floppy bucket hat designs. These hats are trendy, practical and stylish. Apart from keeping the sun away from your skin, they also make a simple outfit look elegant.  For a formal look pair with a white button down shirt.

Floppy Bucket Hat for Women

floppy bucket hat for women

Funny Bucket Hats

What’s not to love about a hat that can uplift your moods! If you are feeling gloomy, then add a funny bucket heart to draw in contagious smiles. To make a statement wear funny bucket hats with a famous comedian or cartoon character.

Funny Cartoon Bucket Hat

funny cartoon bucket hat

Fur Bucket Hat Designs

Fur bucket hat designs depict luxury and class that is hard to ignore. Choose from either bucket hats that have a smooth finish or those that incorporate fur at the brim or ridge of the hat. Fur is usually very soft making it the ideal material for making a bucket hat.

Vintage Fur Bucket Hat

vintage fur bucket hat

Kid’s Bucket Hats

Kids have short and thin hair which makes it easier for them to get sunburn during summer. Add style to you kids outfit by incorporating a bucket hat; kids bucket hats come in a size that is specifically designed to cater for small heads. Choose one which is in color that your child loves.

Pretty Kid’s Bucket Hat Design

pretty kids bucket hat design


Cotton Bucket Hats

Cotton is a fabric that is lightweight and easily absorbs sweat making it perfect for making a bucket hat. Cotton bucket hats will work for those with sensitive skin. If you feel shy wearing this hat to an event then show it off when sunbathing at the poolside.

Fleece Bucket Hats

A hat should fit the size of your head without slipping off easily and fleece bucket hats are made using thick material enabling them to stay on the head for longer. Wear these hats during winter and pair with a fleece jacket of the same color and pattern.

Fleece Lined Bucket Hat

fleece lined bucket hat

Tribal Bucket Hats

Tribal bucket hats are for men who love having fun and are less serious about life. You can wear them in any angle creating the illusion of two hats in one. Wear this design when going fishing or farming and pair with denim overalls without forgetting to add sneakers.

Handmade Tribal Bucket Hat

handmade tribal bucket hat

Striped Bucket Hats

If you are looking for a way to incorporate bucket hats into your outfits, then pair them with casual wear. Striped bucket hats will depict your bold personality. However, if you want to play it safe then go for stripes in subtle colors.

Polka Dot Bucket Hat Designs

Polka dots are fun, chic and timeless. If you are having a hard time wearing a dress or shirt with polka dots, then you can start with a bucket hat and pair with plain outfits. Since polka dot bucket hats are attention grabbing avoid pairing with bold pattern outfits or accessories. You may also see Polka Dot Hat Designs

Blue and White Polka Dot Bucket Hat

blue and white polka dot bucket hat

Roll Up Bucket Hats

Bucket hats are known for their flexibility and rolling them up is one way of looking trendy. Rolled up bucket hats are for those people who want a unique twist to the classic hat.

Vintage Roll Up Bucket Hat

vintage roll up bucket hat

Specialty of Bucket Hats and Trends

Bucket hats are the trendy designs that you can wear in summer and spring. They are easy to style, are unisex and often depict an individual who has a carefree attitude. Popular in the 90s, this hat features a sloping brim that works to protect your face and neck from sunburn. You can also wear this hat to cover your bad hair day and when you need to draw attention towards your facial features.

Guys and ladies love the bucket hat design because of its carefree character. It also looks good with any casual outfit so whatever color you choose you are sure you are looking trendy, chic and eye-catching. Its wide brim will help protect your face, skin and ears from sunburn.

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