During the earlier days, the word fashion was related to wearing good clothes, but, nowadays, the concept of fashion and style has changed a lot. Dressing up to look your best is one of the basic ideas on which the concept of fashion is based on today’s style conscious world. This is where the concept of puppet makeup comes into the picture.When you think of dolls, the first fact that comes to your mind is their flawless skin and their perfect features.

Puppet makeup is the process of doing makeup on the face of a real human to make the person look like a doll. The list of some unique puppet makeup designs are highlighted below

Marionette Puppet Makeup

marionette puppet makeup


One of the most impressive looks in this list of puppet makeup designs is the marionette puppet makeup. This makeup is simple and exaggerated at the same time. Even though not much of makeup is used, the eyelashes under the eyes are drawn in such a manner that they look exaggerated. The main purpose of this puppet makeup is to make a person look like a doll.

Evil Puppet Makeup

evil puppet makeup1


From the name itself, you can understand that this puppet makeup is meant to give you the evil look. In this puppet makeup, the makeup is done in such a way that it appears like the woman has been shot by someone on her forehead and blood is trickling down her face.

Puppet Fnaf Makeup

puppet fnaf makeup


The Puppet FNaF Makeup is inspired from the puppet, which is the main antagonist in Five Nights at Freddy’s. The main features of this puppet are its hollow and black eyes and rosy red cheeks. This is one puppet makeup idea that is trending nowadays. In this puppet makeup, the makeup is done in such a way that you feel that the girl is staring at you, but, the eyes look hollow, due to which, they are not clearly visible.

Puppet Costume Idea

puppet costume idea


Makeup is not the only thing which makes you look like a puppet – costumes are also important. The puppet makeup and puppet costumes should complement each other. So, you should choose costumes which go with your theme.

Ventriloquist Puppet Makeup

ventriloquist puppet makeup


Another extremely popular way of getting dressed up is by getting the ventriloquist puppet makeup. This look is completely based on makeup. The makeup is done in a way to ensure that the person looks scary or spooky.

Puppet Mouth Makeup

puppet mouth makeup


Another important feature of puppets is that they have cute expressions on their mouths. These expressions can be derived with the perfect puppet mouth makeup. In this puppet mouth makeup, the person looks like a doll is pouting.

Halloween Puppet Makeup

halloween puppet makeup1


Halloween puppet makeup has become a rage amongst the people as this event is officially celebrated in various countries. This day is a tribute to the dead. The dead people are remembered on this day. So, people dress accordingly and get Halloween puppet makeup in order to get that spooky look.

Colorful Puppet Makeup for Kids

colorful puppet makeup for kids


As the name suggests, this particular makeup is perfect for kids. It gives the kids a cute and a scary look at the same time. In this makeup, the kid looks extremely cute with rosy lips and exaggerated eyelashes.

Mime Puppet makeup

mime puppet makeup


Eye Puppet Makeup

eye puppet makeup


Creepy Puppet Makeup Idea

creepy puppet makeup idea


Blue Costume Puppet Makeup

blue costume puppet makeup1


Puppet Pirate Makeup

puppet pirate makeup


Puppet Festival Makeup Idea

puppet festival makeup idea


Cute Puppet Makeup

cute puppet makeup1


Trendy Marionette Puppet Makeup

trendy marionette puppet makeup1


An inexpensive way of creating an atmosphere filled with drama – this is what puppet makeup is all about. The concept of puppet makeup has become extremely popular among the masses. The best part about puppet makeup is that there is a perfect makeup for each and every occasion. Another design which has become the talk of the town among the teenagers is the Emo makeup, the main features of which are dark and smoky eyes and natural-toned makeup. This makeup is applicable for both guys and girls. So, try out these amazing puppet makeups to stun everyone.

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