Getting a great costume for Halloween is pretty easy. However, the makeup for that character that you want to portray is an essential part of completing your overall look. With creative makeup ideas, it’s not just about designing cute spider webs for girls, but also using puppet makeup ideas to enhance your doll like appearance. Whether on eyes or the side of your face, this list contains unique spider makeup ideas that you will love.

Spider Eye Makeup

spider eye makeup


The eyes are the windows to the soul and what better way to make your eyes stand out than by using spider eye makeup. The black spider web with rhinestones and purple eyeshadow will make any girl look adorable.

Black widow spider makeup portrays an individual who is both creative and dramatic. The key to this look is to focus on the eyes by drawing spider webs, adding very long eyelashes and dark eyeshadow.

Using white and black makeup is the best way to compliment any colored costume. Go for small spiders on your forehead and edges of the lips and make the look more dramatic by adding black spider hair pins.

Spider Queen Halloween Makeup

spider queen halloween makeup


If a scary theme is what you’re looking for this Halloween, then incorporate everything that has to do with spiders. Add spider webs on the chin, spider eyes on the temples, apply a blood red lipstick and wear red eye lenses.

Cool Spider Web Makeup

cool spider web makeup


A spider design makeup doesn’t have to be scary; it just has to make your facial features stand out. Opt for a cool spider web makeup that incorporates purple eyeshadow, green lips and tree veins on the forehead.

When it comes to using spider makeup, creativity is key. Add black spider eyes near the eyebrows to give your Halloween look a dramatic effect. For a scary look, paint your face white and add horns around the mouth

If you’re looking for fun and creative makeup designs, then a spider web eye makeup will do the trick. Draw a spider web on the top part of one eye and on the bottom side of the other eye.

Scary Spider Makeup Look

scary spider makeup look


Zombie makeup designs will bring out this scary spider makeup look. This trick of recreating this look is to draw spider claws on the mouth towards the edges of your lips, wear black eye lenses and add eyes between your eyebrows.

Creepy Spider Eyes Makeup

creepy spider eyes makeup


With a creepy spider eye makeup, you will look like you just stepped out of a Sci-Fi movie! Instead of the standard black spider makeup, apply red makeup color around your eyes and add a bold tarantula necklace.

Purple Spider Makeup

purple spider makeup


When going for a cute or zombie effect, use this purple spider makeup to help you stand out. For this look, draw a spider web on your forehead, apply two coats of mascara on your eyes and add purple eye shadow.

Zipper Spider Makeup Idea

zipper spider makeup idea


Black Spider Makeup

black spider makeup


Spider Red Makeup

spider red makeup


Web Eye Brow with Spider Makeup

web eye brow with spider makeup


Floral Spider Makeup

floral spider makeup


Spider Face Makeup Idea

spider face makeup idea


Simple Spider Eye Makeup

simple spider eye makeup


Red Eye Spider Makeup

red eye spider makeup


While spider makeup designs are pretty easy to recreate, you need other elements to make your overall look stand out. For your eyes, you can either add long false eyelashes on the edges or wear bright colored contact lenses. On the lips apply a bold color such as red or green while you can add a few spider hair pins on your hairstyle.

Spider Makeup for Blue Eyes

spider makeup for blue eyes


Black and White Spider Makeup

black and white spider makeup


Spider makeup ideas are perfect for creating an exaggerated or dramatic. You can further use demonic makeup ideas to show a zombie or scary character. The decision is entirely up to you. So, use spider makeup as an inspiration for creating that unique Halloween character.

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