Disney’s most popular tiny fairy, Tinkerbell, though, had attitude problems but has always been an evergreen favorite character for princess makeup inspirations. Also, Tinkerbell inspired makeup is perfect for someone who loves to play with unusual bright colors and glitter.We have put together the 14 best designs to bring some sass to your makeup look whether it is for Halloween or for an experimental style.

Selena Gomez Cute Tinkerbell Makeup

selena gomez cute tinkerbell makeup

Selena Gomez Tinkerbell makeup is one of the most basic and soft looks that can be carried out on a normal day. With a soft tone of pink on the eye and lips, the look comes out feminine and easy to manage. Complement the complete look with a green outfit to bring out the perky Tinkerbell in you.

If you are planning to get the Tinkerbell eye look go for a matte or glitter green and brown eyeshadow. You can pair the look with a thin black liner and mascara. As the eyeshadow is bright, pair it with a rosy blush and soft lips to make the look sleek and wearable.

Tinkerbell Cosplay Makeup

tinkerbell cosplay makeup


One of the experimental Tinkerbell cosplay looks to try for the Halloween is to opt for a parrot green shadow on the top and the bottom. Accentuate the complete look by adding yellow stones on the corner of the eye for getting the glitter and glam in your complete appearance. You may also see Funny Makeup Designs

Halloween Tinkerbell Makeup

halloween tinkerbell makeup


Easy Tinkerbell makeup looks to try is to go for a dark green smoky eyeshadow look that is dragged down on the lower lash line. Go for a heavy blushed cheek to make the look pop out.

Tinkerbell Makeup for Kids

tinkerbell makeup for kids


Tinkerbell experimentative eye look can be tried even for the kids. Create an interesting pattern with purple shadow on the outer edges of the eye. Add the glitter to make the look instantly shine out and curl the hair to complete the fairytale look of your little girl.

Tinkerbell Costume and Makeup

tinkerbell costume and makeup


If you wish to go for an identical Tinkerbell costume and makeup choose a leafy pattern dress with green flats and a perfect bun hairdo. For the makeup, opt for dark red lip and green based eye look. Don’t forget to add the wings for the flawless Tinkerbell makeover.

Tinkerbell Makeup and Hairdo

tinkerbell makeup and hairdo


You can keep the look simple just by opting for a glitter based green shadow. Smooth out the edges and put on the outfit and you are set.

Tinkerbell Fairy Makeup Idea

tinkerbell fairy makeup idea


If you are willing to work a bit hard on the complete look, you can paint small yellow toned stars on your cheeks and add a green flowery tattoo eyebrow pattern on your brows. Compliment these additions with purple and dark black winged liner.

Tinkerbell Eye Makeover Idea

tinkerbell eye makeover idea


Coloring your brow green can completely transform your plain Tinkerbell shadow look. Make sure to add the silver glitter shadow on the inner corners of the eye to make your eyes look open and bright.

Colorful Tinkerbell Makeup Idea

colorful tinkerbell makeup idea


Multicolored rainbow Tinkerbell eye look is the right choice for the makeup experts. Play around with multicolored eyeshadows and add a perfect black winged liner to bring a definition to the complete appearance.

Pretty Tinkerbell Makeover Design

pretty tinkerbell makeover design


Awesome Disney Makeup Idea

awesome disney makeup idea


Evil Tinkerbell Makeover

evil tinkerbell makeover


Tinkerbell makeup can be carried out with several different styles and with all the pigments the look will definitely make your appearance flash out in a party or a contest.

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