The year saw some fabulous auto motor launches, concept launches and designs. There were some automotor designs that really stuck on our minds because of the unconventional design and approach that was used to create them. Along with the many technological advancement these motorbikes come with great design and aesthetics, something we at Design Trends keep a keen eye for. So here we are wrapping up with some of the best motorcycle designs of 2016 comprising of the custom-made bike, bespoke bike, concept bikes and electric bikes.

1. Roadster By Vanguard

It is not very often that one come across with a bike design like this. That is why the bike has been included in the list. This design is a running prototype and the production is scheduled for 2018. The powerful minimalistic engine is one of the main highlights of the bike. The approach behind the design was for each and every part to have an individual purpose.

2. Eden By Bandit9

The bike has been featured on our website before and has also made it to the list of the best bike designs for 2016. The bike has luxury written all over it. It has been created for people who not merely motorcycle enthusiasts but also have an eye for design and aesthetics.

3. BMW R3 Café Racer By Sinroja

The idea behind this bike was to come up with a bike that is stylish as per the contemporary standards of bike design but at the same time have a sense of class and timelessness. The color used on the body is what makes this bike distinctive. The combination of baby blue and black works beautifully to add a hint of glamour. For Sinjora brother, the creators, the experience with this bike has been completely different from what they were doing until then.

4. C-1 Motorcycle By Lotus

The British automaker introduced this year an interesting bike design in the form of C1 Motorcycle. This superbike is every bike enthusiast’s’ dream come true. With futuristic technology and interesting design and color, there is no way this bike can be ignored.

5. 04gen Concept By Yamaha

This is the fourth concept model by Yamaha and it is said to be based on the design philosophy of refined dynamism. These series of concept bikes by Yamaha is about bike designs that are edgy and experimental and have a futuristic appeal.

6. Tarus 2×2 Motorcycle


With the built and the design, it is easy to make out the bike is certainly not for the smooth roads. This is a bike for adventure. It can take over rough terrains, down the hill and if required the also float across the river. Yes! It is the light weight (192 pounds) and bulbous balloon tires that help face the hurdles. It can also be dismantled easily if required to be transported to a distance.

7. Custom Electric Motorcycles By Nightshift Bikes

The bike has been inspired by traditional combustion bikes. The design is stylish and powerful. It doesn’t need a transmission. The wires that connect to the controller are located on the right side of the swing arm. Under the seat is a silver kelly controller rated for 250 amps which manages the electricity flowing between the motor and the battery. The bike can connect to any household outlet via an extension cord located below and behind the seat and will charge in under three hours.

8. Sinister Electric Cafe Racer By Michael Cohen

This clearly is the bike for future and for many people, this design is way ahead of its time, no wonder it remains in its concept phase. The bike looks like a superhero vehicle and we would love to see this concept design to get featured in a superhero fiction. Designed by American designer Michael Cohen, who had an experience with product design but this was his first time with bike design.

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