A helmet is the most important motorcycle accessory that every biker must carry. The primary aim of using a helmet is of course protection. It is a life-saving tool and hence must be flaunted. Just like your bike, your helmet is also an important part of your style statement. Your helmet design defines a lot about your sense of aesthetics and style. Therefore we present with our list of top 10 helmets with high design value and protection capability.

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1. Bell Bullitt RSD Viva – $449.95

bell bullitt rsd viva

For the old school folks who love retro designs must the Bell Bullitt RSD Viva. The company Bell partnered with Roland Sands Design and came up with this stylish helmet. The vintage elements never go out of style and that is one great advantage with this helmet. It comes with a washable antibacterial lining and an extra flat shield. From the outside, the DOT approved helmet is off white in color fiber with red, blue and black accents.

2. Tachibana GT-750 Grand Prix – $320


This helmet comes in three varieties of color schemes. It has a matt white finish on the outside and a two-stripe base finish on the lower side. Another DOT approved helmet so you can be sure of the quality and strength. This design of this helmet is so stylish that we think that it can provide an edge to any motorcycle design.

3. Premier Jet Vintage Helmet – $221.60


Premier Jet Vintage is for all the army brats and military enthusiasts. It is clearly the best military inspired helmet design available in the market. If you make this purchase you will certainly be doing a huge favor to yourself. The helmet looks edgy and the sun visor is just overwhelming in a good way. It surely looks tough but the modern carbon fiber used makes it light and comfortable to carry. The helmet is ECE certified.

4. 1storm Motorcycles Street Bike Helmet – $64.95


This helmet is a little small in comparison to other helmets given in the list. But this could certainly be an advantage for many people. The helmet has good looks, durability and it gets brownie points over affordability which is generally hard to find with quality helmets. The inner side is padded so comfort is guaranteed. It comes with a face protectors that shields you from strong rays and winds. This helmet certainly makes rides a lot more convenient.

5. Motorcycle /Snowmobile Matte Black Dual Black Dual Visor Modular Helmet – $79.90

snowmobile matte black dual black dual visor modular helmet

Another helmet with DOT tramp stamp. If you live in a location with cold climatic conditions this helmet will provide you with all the warmth. This is the main advantage of this helmet apart from protection and design. It is well insulated so the internal temperature is well maintained. Having said that, the sufficient ventilation makes it comfortable for warm areas too. Just remove the chin guard and let the cool breeze facilitate inside the helmet.

6. Shark Evoline Series 3 Moovit Lumi Helmet – $365.00


This helmet has irresistible design and looks. And it is not only stylish from outside but equally comfortable from the inside. Light in weight, this helmet is very convenient to carry. It glows in the dark thus making sure to provide a spotlight to your style statement even in the dark.

7. Airoh Aviator 2.1 Rockstar – $429.50


This is the most contemporary design in the list and also the most colorful. It is strong and is built with carbon and kevlar composite shell material. The cheek pads provided are detachable. With the fonts and pop of colors, this helmet is certainly hard to ignore.

8. HJC Helmets IS-33 Helmet – $150.80


Another helmet with a reasonable price. This helmet is perfect for extreme weather conditions and protection is guaranteed. It comes with an anti-fog glass shield and we loved this concept. It prevents the fog from blocking the vision of the rider. The ventilation system too is excellent. So if you want a helmet that looks good and is durable but at the same time is reasonable too, this is your best bet.

9. Shark RAW Soyouz Helmet – $213.37


The design is clearly street fighter inspired making the helmet look rough and powerful. The helmet comes with a face mask and a double pane anti-fog lenses.

10. GMAX GM46X-1 – $116.64


Perfect helmet to compliment your sports bike. The helmet also washable interior which also ensures that your skin and hair are well protected. It comes with Chinbar for an added safety and also provides a stylish look to the design.

Next time you go for a ride make sure you carry a helmet that is comfortable and compliments you and your bike. Like your bike, your helmet is also an extension of your style, make sure you purchase it carefully with all the considerations. We hope the list helps in making your decision.

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