Bandit 9’s new creation, EDEN has taken motor designing to another level. The motorcycle design looks like a perfect fusion of art and science. The brand took their own time before their new release and the way EDEN has been designed made the wait worthwhile. Bandit has always had their focus on interesting concepts and exciting design and is one automotive brand that takes the art of automotive design very seriously.


EDEN is based on a 1967 Honda Supersport. But at the same Bandit has made sure to include the concept of future while designing this limited edition motorcycle. A very little has been exactly replicated from the Supersport design. Talking about futuristic concept, the fuel tank and rear cowl have been integrated into an uninterrupted form. They are handcrafted from stainless steel. The champagne gold finished body of the motorcycle looks exquisite and is a dream come true of every motorcycle enthusiast.


Not only motorcycle enthusiasts but people who like to live larger than life and are fond of luxury, would certainly not be able to resist the design. For example, the black marble gas cap defines grace and luxury. The pattern of the marble has been carefully chosen and meticulously cut from a slab of tuscan polished marble.


The silver muffler is handcrafted from lightweight steel and takes its inspiration from brancusi’s sculpture. Even the tasteful gold finished that covers the body of the motorcycle, was much thought of after months of experimentation that went on with copper, bronze and silver chrome. The hue looks perfect and we couldn’t have asked for a better tinge.



The arc swing arm is made from solid steel and the seat cover has been hand stitched and covered in Italian calf leather dyed in a cognac brown.

seat cover

EDEN is a fully functioning motorcycles that is perfect for the highways and also for the city. It is everything that a motorcycle has to be but what makes it different is that it was designed with an intention of being much more that an automotive. It was designed to appreciate and pay homage to art and sculptures and to create a statement. This limited edition motorcycle is available in 9 units, making them rare and worthwhile.

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