After Rolls Royce and Mini, BMW has come up with a futuristic concept vehicle and this time it is a motorcycle. The German automotive giant is celebrating its 100 years in the vehicle manufacturing business and has recently unveiled their BMW Motorrad Vision Next 100. It is a zero emission motorcycle and the design was unveiled in Los Angeles. The concept design is very similar to what we usually see in science fictions and superhero movies. The design has been creating buzz in the world of mechanics and technology. The motorcycle surely represents the brands vision and perception of the future of riding.

The bike comes with self-balancing function and safety features that allow users to liberate from the need of wearing helmet and protective clothing during the ride. The design of the bike is something that gives emphasis to freedom while riding and at the same time pays immense attention to safety and protection.



The designers have included a digital companion in the bike design in order to minimize the chances of accidents and crashes. The motorcycle comes with sensor technology that provides information to assure safety.


While using the Motorrad, riders are not suppose to wear helmet, instead they wear a visor. The visor provides information that gets triggered with the help of an eye movement. So if a rider look up, the visor will make the rider see what would otherwise be seen in a rear view mirror. Shifting the vision to a slightly lower side will help the rider access the menu. Moving further, when the rider looks down, the visor opens a map for better navigation. When the rider looks straight, no interference is caused and the the rider can clearly see the vision.

bmw riders

BMW has also designed clothing for the riders. Light in weight, these clothing, basically a concept rider jacket includes air conditioning and neck support which is provided via air. The air conditioning helps the riders to adjust to the desired temperature. The concept jacket also has a vibrating element on the arm that offers navigation signal that helps in providing hassle-free riding experience.

motor design

motorcycle bike

The body of the Motorrad is made of carbon fiber and polished aluminium. The bike design is a homage to the brand’s first ever motorcycle, R32, that was produced in 1923. It is evident from the triangular frame present in the Motorrad. BWM is known for its great aesthetic sense in car and motorcycles designs and, this motorcycle is another addition to the design reputation of the brand.


BMW has clearly given another dimension to mobility, making it a lot safe and giving utmost freedom to the rider by letting them experience the environment with all of their senses. Edgar Heinrich, head of design at BMW Motorrad said, “The motorcycle provides my escape from everyday life. From the moment I climb on board, I experience nothing but absolute freedom – The Great Escape,”


The motorcycle remains on display in Los Angeles along with other three futuristic automobiles till October 19.

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