When we are talking about food, the taste and presentation certainly go hand in hand. And, if the presentation is the subject of today’s discussion we ought to mention the beauty in cake design. Bringing a sense of creative and decorative value, the cakes with its colour, consistency, frosting, fondant and icing create the most beautiful edible sculptures, that are too delicate and pretty to take a bite.

To take you through an equally scrumptious and beautiful journey we have today compiled a list of 10 cake designs that will definitely ‘slice’ your heart.

1. Pigs in the Mud Cake

A sweet take on the pigs in the blanket, this cake is the best of cute and creative. With the apt presentation and precision, the cake is deliciously designed without a single flaw.

2. Beer Mug Cake

If you have a member of your family that holds a personal and strong bond with beer, we have the ‘sweetest’ suggestion for their birthday. This beer mug cake holds the absolute awestruck and authentic value that can definitely make the person look again.

3. Nikon Cake

Slice and cut your Nikon camera this birthday. Wait, don’t take us wrong what we meant is to take a slice of this beautiful Nikon camera that can ‘flash’ you with its creative design any moment of the day.

4. Starry Night Cake

Anyone here a Van Gogh fan? If yes, then this starry night cake will be too admirable to cut. With a close resemblance to the original painting, the cake is brilliantly iced with just the right colours and design.

5. Drum Cake

On this joyous celebration beat the drum, and literally eat it. The perfectly designed drum cake is an absolute delight with its original texture and shape. It will be a shame if you don’t ‘stick’ to it.

6. Turkey Cake

With thanksgiving round the corner, there is a sweet and simple prank you can play with your friends. And, the prank is something closely related to Thanksgiving. Yes, you guessed it right, it is turkey but, not the turkey bird but the turkey cake. This turkey cake will leave your friends angry and shocked at the same moment.

7. Top Ramen Cake

If you are a noodle soup person, don’t you think Top Ramen cake will be the perfect way to end the feast. In the right colours and style, this Ramen bowl cake satisfy the visual spice platter and the need for a sweet ending.

8. Snooker Table Cake

Play while you eat with this amazing and neat snooker table cake. With a complete set of sticks and balls, you will not be disappointed about who loses this match.

9. Prada Cake

This Prada cake is the perfect pick for your shopaholic and fashionista friends. With the beautiful lace detail and elegant black and white frosting, the cake will give a sense of instant shopping gratification.

Creatively designed, these cakes not just stimulate our taste buds but also broaden our artistic imagination.

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