Finally, the four-year wait is over and we are soon going to witness the relentless dedication of athletes and professionals across various platforms in Rio de Janerio, Brazil. A total of 10,500 athletes from 206 nations will be participating in the 31st Olympic games.

Along with all the commitment that goes in a sport, there are a lot of creatives striving hard to share the excitement and thrill encompassing the event through the advertisements.

There are a number of Olympic themed ads that have been making rounds in various channels on television and social media. Well, speaking from the perspective of a viewer, remembering and sharing the love for all is literally impractical. Therefore, today we are going to share with you the top 9 mini movies/ ads that depict the true value of what goes behind the making of the athlete and the experience of participating and winning through these brief creative masterpieces.

Gillette throws light on the hardship that goes in the sport

This Olympic ad partnered with Gillette is not the usual colourful and upbeat Olympic ad. The advertisement takes unusual route of showing the sacrifice and pain that is involved in training for Olympic success along with focusing the pressure that is experienced by the families and friends. The end is cheerfully teary and hopeful giving the viewer an assurance that hard work always pays off. With the tagline ‘Perfect Isn’t Pretty’ this ad is created by Grey New York.

Inspirational Paralympics advertisement

UK’s Channel 4, the official broadcaster of the 2012 Paralympics had released its Meet the Superhumans ad four years ago and now the channel’s in-house 4Creative team and Blink director Dougal Wilson have taken a similar approach to the advertisement. A musical about how nothing in this world should stop you from achieving your goals and dreams. The add marks an addition to the positive and possible approach to your goals. This inspiring ad is surely going to win some accolades in the coming year.

Emotional motherly affection by P&G

A basic and impressive advertisement by Procter and Gamble was released 100 days from the opening of the Rio Games and two weeks away from Mother’s Day. The ad beautifully revives the memory of Thank You, Mom campaign by a series of descriptions revealing the dedication of mother in building the athlete through the tough and stressful times. The ad lovingly expresses that the success is not just about the athlete but also about the people who support them in their journey. The ad was created by Wieden + Kennedy Portland with VFX from The Mill.

Samsung celebrates the idea of collective spirit

The Samsung ad shows the collective spirit of coming together to support and cheer the athlete. The ad pays tribute to the first Olympian from the new nation of South Sudan. The ad revolves around a 19-year-old Margret Rumat Hassan, a 400m runner followed by the chanting that slowly spreads across the nation building up to an inspiring climax. This inspirational ad was created by Leo Burnett Chicago.

BBDO focuses on the fun and enjoyment of the games

Created by BBDO, this ad highlights the fun and enjoyment of the game by showing 15 athletes from around the world finding different ways to pay with Visa. The ad extensively covers the Brazillian landscape and to add a cherry on the top the ad is finished by a Morgan Freeman voiceover. What more could one ask for?

BBC Sport: Rio 2016 Olympic Games Trailer

The trailer is designed on a perfect symphony of games placed with the rich landscape of the city. We have the various wild animals perform the perfect sporty actions and then each one descending into a human form looking over the city, all ready for games.

That’s Gold: Coke’s Olympics Ad

Coke’s Olympic ad banks on the feeling of achieving the gold. That feeling which cannot be expressed with any words just with the exhilarating emotional outburst in various forms. The players in the ad can all be seeing joyous with the declaration of their names for gold. The feeling shared well with the brand

Tomorrow Starts With Nike Advertisement

Nike’s ‘tomorrow starts now’ is pumped into building on the passion for sports and the Olympics. The ad is additionally a beautiful tribute to the extraordinary athletics of the country who suffered an embarrassing 1-7 World Cup loss to Germany.

Gatorade- The Boy Who Learned to Fly | Usain Bolt

Gatorade Usain Bolt mini film is convincingly designed to share the journey of the top athelete. The advertisement focuses on enjoying the game from the heart without the pressure and thought of winning or loosing.

These motivational advertisements if not place you on the field or the court will definitely fill you with impulse, inspiration and smile that extends well with the excitement of the 2016 Rio Olympics.

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