Wearable technology is no more a thing of the future. We are today surrounded by efficient and real designs that are advanced and innovative in capturing the essence and need of the SMART generation. From fitness wearables to smart watches to activity trackers, we currently have a number of options to choose from the tech-kitty. With the year coming to the end, we have today compiled a list of 9 wearable tech trends that you need to look out for the coming year.

1. Wearable Healthcare

wearable healthcare

Healthcare is one of the most popular wearable tech trends we have been seeing since the start and will continue to see it even in the coming year. With the growing health concerns, people have grown to become more conscious about their overall health, therefore, having a tracker will help to keep a daily check.

2. 3D Bioprinting

3d bioprinting

3D Bioprinting can be explained as a process of creating cell patterns in a restricted space with the help of 3D printing technologies. In the near future, we can even expect the technology to be able to generate tissues and organs, which is a sigh of relief as people will have a second chance to live without having to wait for the possible doctor. The process will continue to do wonders in the future as well.

3. Invisibility


The year 2017 will focus on the invisibility of the wearables, which means the wearables will be crafted in a manner that they are comfortable for the wearer and visually more appealing. The trackers will be installed in everyday things like a piece of jewellery, keychain or clothing.

Advanced Fitness Tracking

advanced fitness tracking

If you think fitness trackers couldn’t get any better, let us tell you that there is always scope for improvement. The future trackers we are going to see will help you measure your sun exposure and encourage you to apply sunscreen accordingly. The trackers will be able to connect the dots between sleep, nutrition, chronic diseases and more.

Safety Concern

It is expected and anticipated that the future fitness watches, wristband or jewellery will come affixed with a disguised safety button, to be used by people in case of emergency or public situation. So, to sum it all up, the future fitness trackers will also serve the purpose of a personal bodyguard.

Smarter Fashion

smarter fashion

The trackers are expected to go beyond the casual and obvious wrists. Many companies have begun to look for other ways and areas, for example designing a craft shirt with sensors woven into the fabric that can track the number of steps taken, heart rate, blood pressure count, breathing rate and more. Smart fashion is not just going to be limited to clothing, companies like Samsung have already patented smart contact lenses that can capture images.

Virtual Reality

virtual reality

Virtual reality is one arena where a majority of the tech firms have begun to substantially invest. Virtual reality offers the users the look beyond the available and accessible. How would it feel if you are virtually able to attend meetings, class or watch movies and more, exciting, huh ?

Sleep Monitors

The sleep monitors will see a rise in the coming year. Informing the user about the hours of sleep and giving feedback on the sleep patterns, the monitors will be able to notify the individual about deep sleep v/s light rest and the other activities that are connected to it.

Pet Tracking

pet tracking

The new technology will not just help you keep the track of your health but also your pet’s activity. These trackers will be able to measure the wellness and overall health of the pet using GPS.

Comment and let us know the wearable technology you are looking forward to the coming year.

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