While people continue to argue over the cool quotient of smartwatches, one thing is for sure that these watches will sustain for a long time. The smartwatch sensation is not very old but has gained a lot of popularity over a short period of time. With the choices of watches on offer today, it is certainly difficult to ignore them. With Apple Watch 2 and Pebble Time 2 set to come out in 2016, picking one smartwatch has become sort of a dilemma. To provide with a little help, we present you, 10 most popular smartwatches from the plethora of various smartwatch brands.

Smart Watches Designs

1. Apple Watch : Starting Price $349

apple watch

For those who seek iOS and do not mind shedding a good price, this is a perfect choice. It has everything from solid specifications to stylish design and user-friendly interface. It is unisex, comes in two different sizes and certainly is one of the best-looking smartwatches. For those with some patience, we would suggest you wait for Apple Smart Watch 2.

2. Pebble Time : $99.99

pebble watch

This one is for all technology enthusiasts. Its major highlight is the 7 days long battery life and Android and iOS compatibility. It comes in an affordable range and with Pebble Time 2 on its way, the prices of the predecessor has gone lower.

3. Huawei Watch : $399

huawei watch

Some of us are always biased towards aesthetics, even when it comes to technology. Here is a watch that has been created for such target group. The watch is beautiful to look at and 286 ppi count provides a clear and sharp display. Also, it offers 360 degree visuals and 10,000:1 contrast ratio.

5. Samsung Gear S2 : Starting Price $299.99

samsung gear s2

Samsung Gear S2 is popular and clearly one of the best smartwatches out there. One slight drawback of this watch is the lack of apps. Though, it still stands way ahead than most of its android competitors.

6. Asus ZenWatch 2 : Starting Price $149.99


For people who don’t want much load on their pockets should definetly get this for their wrist. These second generation smart watched by Asus come in two different sizes for men and women and provides you with a strap option to choose among rubber, steal, leather and also Swarovski cover. It is not just the design that has been upgraded, the brand has upgraded the hardware and has also installed a wifi chip in the watch.

7. Sony Smartwatch 3 : Starting Price $138.40

sony smartwatch 3

Here is another option for you if you are comfortable with android operating system. Like Moto Sports it has built-in GPS which makes it perfect for running and jogging. It also gets additional brownie points over Moto Sports for the stylish design and aesthetics brought in by the steel finish. This is a powerful smartwatch and is also affordable.

8. Tag Heuer Connected : $1500

tag heuer connected

This watch comes with a heavy price but the quality certainly is worth the price. The looks of the watch are stylish and just by a single glance one can make out that it is a Tag Heuer watch, this is certainly an advantage. It is compatible with android operating system and is one of the most powerful android smartwatches you can own.

9. Moto 360 2 : Starting Price $299.99

moto 360 2

Another Motorola addition to the list! It comes in two different sizes as well as two different displays. If you are someone who likes customization, you are going to love the choices available with this watch. There are various combinations of straps, bezel, colors to choose from. The design is beautiful and the watch has been one of the most beautiful smart watches of 2015.

10. Microsoft Band 2 : Starting Price $249.99


Here is something that is powerful and comfortable. Designed like a band the watch comes with the protection of Gorilla Glass. Another smartwatch that acts as a perfect tracker. Its features, sensors and design definitely makes a product of good value.

There are 10 of the most popular smartwatches available in the market. If you are planning to make a purchase make sure you do your research before hand.

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