Are you looking for interior designs that will accentuate a small office and make the space look luxurious? Small space shouldn’t be a reason to compromise with the look of your office interior. The latest trend in modern office interior designs caters to every need, irrespective of the space constraints. Here are some decor ideas that will serve right for your office interior.

Luxury Office Interior Design

luxury office interior design

Small spaces can be easily styled by maintaining sleek-lined designs and by using the right tint of light to create a lavish ambience. Contemporary designs can be infused with tinge of traditional look giving your office wishful luxurious warmth.

Small Home Office Interior Idea

small home office interior idea

There are several ways to fulfil l the requirement of a lavish home-cum-office even with space. In this case, the space has been lit up by using an amazing wall texture and neat organisation of cabinetry. Making the maximum use of the wall space, this would be an office scheme that caters to all office-specific requirements while keeping the ambience tidy and neat.

Basement Office Interior Design

basement office interior design

For people working out of their homes, the basement would be an ideal space to create a fully functional office space. Mostly unorganised, basements are a part of households that get the least attention in terms of maintenance. However, you can beef up the space by use of proper lighting, possibly a fireplace too. This is perfect for creating a creative and provoking environment.

Garage Office Interior Idea

garage office interior idea

On the outset, the idea of having an office space in your garage would be the last option. However, several small businesses across the globe are working out of their garages ad in style! This office in San Francisco has been brightly coloured with contrasting paint, brick texture for the wall and smooth flooring. This serves right for any kind of homegrown business.

Modular Office Wall Panels

modular office wall panels1

Modular offices have been serving maximized functionality in several parts of the globe. In this particular scheme, the wall panels have been lined and textured to create a unique setting. While the sizes of the wall act as book shelves and cabinets, the remaining portion of the module serves as a professional background for your desk.

Office Wooden Wall Design

office wooden wall design

Wooden walls go well with any kind of modern office space. Creating a warm environment, this design integrates a lot of cabinetry. Further, an efficient use of lighting brings out a unique personality of the space.

Office Wall Art Idea

office wall art idea1

The nature of your walls can have a lot of say in the personality of the office space. Depending upon the product/service line you are in, the walls could ensemble frames that range from affiliations, certificates to paintings and photographs. Whatever you put on the walls, it should evoke the values your office stands for.

Home Office Wall Decoration

home office wall decoration1

When most modern workplaces are moving into homes and personal spaces, this example should give a rough idea of doing things in style. A creatively sparked up space, this office in Los Angeles furnished minimally but meets all the requirements of the work to be done.

Rustic Home Office Decor

rustic home office decor

Fusing both contemporary and traditional décor scheme, this London home office makes an efficient use of space with a streamlined design. Cabinetry and storage space set to the walls bring out maximum space to put desks and a couple of monitors.

Office Wall Paint Idea

office wall paint idea

Offices should be the hotbed of productivity and the paint and lighting play a great role in it. In this case, the New Orleans home office conference room looks highly professional by the use of solid colour and minimal wall art.

Liked our ideas for office designs? We would also like to have your inputs and ideas for the same. Let’s design to make our workplaces more productive.






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