The term ‘fashion trends’ has become extremely important in today’s world as people resort to unique and innovative ways to look out-of-the-box. One such amazing idea by which you can increase your style quotient is by getting yourself inked. Getting a tattoo on your body is considered to be the in-thing nowadays.

The designs which have become extremely popular with the teenage girls are the Tinkerbell tattoos, the idea of which originates from the fictional Disney character, Tinkerbell, popularly known as Tink, who is seen accompanying Peter Pan in all his adventures.

Flower Tinkerbell Tattoo

Flower Tinkerbell Tattoo Source

The Tinkerbell tattoo which tops this list is none other than the flower Tinkerbell tattoo. The tattoo, which displays the Tinkerbell sitting on top of a mushroom with her hands crossed, is extremely girly and feminine, as a result of which, it has become a rage among the teenagers. The flowers surrounding the Tinkerbell in the tattoo enhance its beauty.

Funny Tinkerbell Tattoo Design

Funny Tinkerbell Tattoo Design Source

Next up on this list is the funny Tinkerbell tattoo, which highlights the funny side of this cute Disney character. The Tinkerbell is laughing away to glory in this tattoo, in which, she is seen adorning a bluish-green outfit. This one is perfect for those who are optimistic and wish to make others happy.

Black and White Tinkerbell Tattoo

Black and White Tinkerbell Tattoo Source

The black and white Tinkerbell tattoo is the next highly popular tattoo design. This design looks unique and amazing due to its colorless look. This one is aimed at those who have a calm and pleasant nature. The tattoo shows the Tinkerbell looking at you with a very cute expression.

Tinkerbell Tattoo on Shoulder

Tinkerbell Tattoo on Shoulder Source

At the fourth spot is the Tinkerbell tattoo on the shoulder. In this cute tattoo design, the Tinkerbell is shown sitting in the midst of Lilies, which is a symbol of feminity. The spectacles add to the cuteness of the Tinkerbell. This tattoo is considered to be best for those girls or women who are extremely feminine and elegant in nature.

Tinkerbell Tattoo on Arm

Tinkerbell tattoo on arm Source

The Tinkerbell tattoo on the arm comes next on this list. In this tattoo, she is seen sitting with her legs crossed and it clearly shows how much she is fond of herself. This tattoo would be perfect for those who are highly conscious about themselves and are in love with themselves. You may also See Insect Tattoo Designs

Tinkerbell Back Tattoo Design

Tinkerbell Back Tattoo Design Source

The Tinkerbell back tattoo design, in which, she is shown standing in a highly sophisticated posture, takes the next place on this list. This tattoo is specifically designed for those who are confident and intelligent.

Small Tinkerbell Tattoo on Wrist

Small Tinkerbell Tattoo Back of Ear Source

If you wish to get yourself inked with a small Tinkerbell tattoo, the wrist is the best part of the body where you can get it done. This tattoo shows the Tinkerbell flying away and creating magic. This is designed for those individuals who are confident, beautiful and those who enjoy freedom to the core.

Angel Tinkerbell Tattoo on Ankle

Angel Tinkerbell Tattoo on Ankle Source

Next up on this list is the angel Tinkerbell tattoo on the ankle. This tattoo shows the Tinkerbell showing off her beautiful wand. This tattoo is a symbol of achievement and success. It is designed for those who have been extremely successful in life.

Fairy Tinkerbell Foot Tattoo

Fairy Tinkerbell Foot Tattoo Source

The fairy Tinkerbell foot tattoo is next up on this list. The tattoo displays the Tinkerbell sitting in a resting position and waving her magic wand. This is perfect for those individuals who have a happy-go-lucky attitude and who are always optimistic at all situations.

Tinkerbell Tattoo Behind Ear

Tinkerbell Tattoo Behind Ear Source

In this Tinkerbell tattoo, inked behind the ear, the fairy is in a ready to fly position with her wings spread out. This one is considered to be the best for those who live life according to their will.

Cute Tinkerbell Tattoo for Palm

Cute Tinkerbell Tattoo for Palm Source

Hip Tinkerbell Tattoo Idea

Hip Tinkerbell Tattoo Idea Source

Text with Tinkerbell Tattoo Design

Text with Tinkerbell Tattoo Design Source

Laughing Tinkerbell Tattoo

Laughing Tinkerbell Tattoo Source

Simple Tinker Tattoo Design

Simple Tinker Tattoo Design Source

Colorful Tinkerbell Tattoo

Colorful Tinkerbell Tattoo Source

Beautiful Tinkerbell Tattoo for Hand

Beautiful Tinkerbell Tattoo for Hand Source

Sleeve Tinkerbell Tattoo Idea

Sleeve Tinkerbell Tattoo Idea Source

Black and Small Tinkerbell Tattoo

Black and Small Tinkerbell Tattoo Source

Love Tinkerbell Tattoo Design

Love Tinkerbell Tattoo Design Source

Red Tinkerbell Tattoo Idea

Red Tinkerbell Tattoo Idea Source

Awesome Tinkerbell Tattoo

Awesome Tinkerbell Tattoo Source

This cute fairy, who usually adorns a green or blue short dress, is extremely petite, has blonde hair and large attractive eyes. This overload of cuteness makes the Tinkerbell tattoo extremely appealing. Devotees of body art have been completely bowled over by these cute Tinkerbell tattoo designs. These tattoos, which awaken the child in you, can be inked on any part of the body, for example, the shoulder, waist, ankle, back, arm, foot, etc. Some of the other trending tattoo designs are the gothic tattoos, in which the Tinkerbell looks scary and mysterious and the pinup tattoos. If deep inside you are fun-loving, naughty, playful, cute and sexy, go get yourself inked with a Tinkerbell tattoo.

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