Umbrella tattoo designs might look juvenile to some, but they are one of the few designs that reflect an array of meanings. As umbrella is a universal symbol of protection from rain and the sunshine, the design can offer a symbolic meaning to shield the happiness and stray away from the bad omens. If this is too deep a message for you, the umbrella tattoos designs are also the fun motifs available in a variety of styles and colors that can be easily altered to your taste.

So if you are still in a design hitch for a tattoo, we have compiled together a list of best umbrella tattoo designs that are for sure going to add on to your list of chosen designs.

Simple Umbrella Tattoo

Simple Umbrella Tattoo Source

If you are looking for a minimal sober look, this umbrella tattoo design will serve as the best option. The design is made a bit more realistic and creative with the inclusion of raindrops under the umbrella. You can choose to ink the design with the color of your choice if black is not what gets you moving.

Vintage Umbrella Tattoo Design

Vintage Umbrella Tattoo Design Source

For a vintage look to your umbrella tattoo, the shade inside the design gives a balanced contrast to the overall look of your umbrella. Play around with light and dark ink and you are surely going to love the vintage transformation of your basic tattoo.

Traditional Umbrella Tattoo

Traditional Umbrella Tattoo Source

Traditional umbrella tattoo design can be as creative as you wish it to be. The vibrant colors in the tattoo add a personal connect to the design. You can even complement the traditional umbrella tattoo design with other elements to make the look unique.

Umbrella Girl Tattoo

Umbrella Girl Tattoo Source

For a more natural look to your tattoo design, you can include a print of a girl’s image beneath your umbrella. Who needs to search for a girl with yellow umbrella, when you can ink your own.

Resident Evil Tattoo

Resident Evil Tattoo Source

The umbrella tattoo designs don’t always need to be of a standard shape and size. You can include a flattering shape decorated with the colors and elements of your choice.

Quoted Umbrella Tattoo Design

Quoted Umbrella Tattoo Design source

If you wish, you can even include a quote next to your tattoo design to make the look creative and meaningful.

Eye Umbrella Tattoo Idea

Eye Umbrella Tattoo Idea Source

One of the most creative out of the lot, this tattoo design is much more than a standard umbrella. You can add the similar details for a more expressive and elaborate look.

Umbrella with Bow Tattoo Design

Umbrella with Bow Tattoo Design source

The love of bow can be seen everywhere, from a dress to footwear to bags to hair bands, bows are the style craze of the season. If you are one to fall in the bow craze category, then adding this delicate detail to the shaded umbrella would be the way to go.

Cute Umbrella Leg Tattoo

Cute Umbrella Leg Tattoo Source

One of the unique umbrella tattoo designs, this tattoo reflects a lot more than just the simple design. You can have a personal visual message peek through your design for a look that can only be deciphered by you.

Umbrella with Rain Tattoo Design

Umbrella with Rain Tattoo Design Source

Black Umbrella Palm Tattoo

Black Umbrella Palm Tattoo Source

Small Umbrella Tattoo on Hand

Small Umbrella Tattoo on Hand Source

Little Umbrella Wrist Tattoo

Little Umbrella Wrist Tattoo Source

Umbrella Back Tattoo Design

Umbrella Back Tattoo Design Source

Rainbow Umbrella Tattoo for Women

Rainbow Umbrella Tattoo for Women Source

Black and Grey Umbrella Tattoo

Black and Grey Umbrella Tattoo Source

Amazing Umbrella Leg Tattoo Design

Amazing Umbrella Leg Tattoo Design Source

Umbrella with Flowers Tattoo

Umbrella with Flowers Tattoo Source

Umbrella Finger Tattoo Design

Umbrella Finger Tattoo Design Source

Traditional Umbrella Tattoo Design

Traditional Umbrella Tattoo Design Source

With so many tattoo designs to choose from, umbrella design sure does stand aloof and unique. Whether you choose to go for a standard or a customized look, the umbrella tattoo is certainly going  to have a personal connect with each design.  

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