In creating a logo, there’s a lot of planning that has to be done before going into design mode because the outcome is a mark of your identity. It’s a name and image you will be carrying with you forever. Which is why a carefully, well-thought out image beforehand is a must.

Sports teams, especially, require more planning and consideration for their designs. Their logos not only represent the members of their team, but also the State, academe, or club they belong to. If you’re getting started on your sports logos, check out some of the latest logo designs we’ve got listed. They can be downloaded and edited to help you create something of your own.

Vintage Sports Logo

Vintage Sports Team Logo

vintage sports team logo

Elegant Vintage Sports Logo

elegant vintage sports logo

Academy Sports Logo

Modern Academy Sports Logo

modern academy sports logo

Academy Sports Fitness Logo

academy sports fitness logo

Academy Sports Running Logo

academy sports running logo

Sports Logo Vector

Sports Club Logo Vector

sports club logo vector

Sports Team Logo

Basketball Team Sports Logo

basketball team sports logo

Professional Sports Team Logo

professional sports team logo

Sports Authority Logo

Sports Authority Logo Design

sports authority logo design

Sports Equipment Logo

Sports Equipment Logo Set

sports equipment logo set

Why Logos Matter in Sports

Generally, a logo is a representation of a person, a company, or agency. It’s about as important as an individual’s birthmark or thumbprint. A logo is the mark people need to not only know you, but trust you. When it comes to sports, the need for a logo is just as necessary, and may be even more so.

People and companies bank on their uniqueness to be set so far apart in the pool of competitors. On the other hand, teams or clubs with the same sport all belong in one category. The need for a logo is not merely for uniqueness, but pride and honor in representing a team, school, country or State.

A sports logo is the State’s or school’s badge of honor and is the banner that will literally be paraded around and hung during tournaments and sports events. Logos for sports, therefore, must have strong personalities that can go head to head with their opposing teams.

As you design your sports logo, try to list down all the best qualities of your team you want emphasized. It will then be easier for you to come up with symbolic figures or catchy slogans.

Types of Sports Logos

It’s important to keep in mind that there are certain levels in different sports teams: beginners, advanced, and professionals. There are different levels of sports teams, and there are also different types of sports. This means your logo designs will vary accordingly. Know your sport and your team inside out to pick the most appropriate logo design.

  • Little leagues and sports teams for kids usually have logos that are simpler and more generic. It’s a common theme for little leagues to have an equipment set as icons for logos. An equipment set for baseball logo designs, for example, usually has two baseball bats crossing each other with the ball in the middle.
  • Logos for university or high school varsity teams are usually that of school mascots or the official school logo design. Others are simple typography logos of the name of the university, and the choice of colors are limited to the official school colors. Sports logos for universities are likely to look more aggressive. There is a kind of intensity unique to the competitive youth, and they have a more condensed niche.
  • For professional teams, their logos are usually to represent their State or hometown. A famous landmark or a mythical or legendary creature are top icon picks for a logo. Professional logo designs tend to be more sleek and subtle since they represent an even bigger crowd.

The use of animal representation is also a common theme among any type of sports logo. There are certain animals known for their distinct characteristics, and there are types of sports than can easily relate to that.

In designing a logo, you should also consider the flexibility of your design. Sports logos are a clear example that not all logos are merely for printed paper with plain backgrounds. They are printed on shirts, banners, tarpaulins, and all kinds of surfaces. The more famous sports logos are printed in all sorts of paraphernalia like mugs, rubber bracelets, or caps. A good sports logo design should be able to cater to all of that.

Sports Logo Badges

Vintage Sports Badges & Logos

vintage sports badges logos

Sports Bicycle Badges & Logo

sports bicycle badges logo

Sports Emblem Logo

Basketball Sports Emblem Logo

basketball sports emblem logo

Tennis Sports Emblem Logo

tennis sports emblem logo

Sports Center Logo

Equo Sports Center Logo

equo sports center logo

Sports Coaching Logo

Sports Coaching Logo Design

sports coaching logo design

Outdoor Sports Logo

Vintage Outdoor Sports Logo

vintage outdoor sports logo

Outdoor Sports Logo Design

outdoor sports logo design

Outdoor Sports Adventure Logo

outdoor sports adventure logo

Samples of Sports Logo Designs

Listed below are the different examples of sports logos we’ve collected just for you.

  • Animal Sports Logo Design

Animal logos apply to almost any sport. This may be because animals are the closest representations to humans that can be understood easily by the average person. Qualities like agility and speed are immediately seen by looking at a particular type of animal. Tiger logo designs for a sports team could stand for power, while a bull logo emphasizes strength.

If you wish to opt for the classic animal logo, up your game a little by incorporating a vintage theme to your design. Our Vintage Sports Team Logo bring out the old school team spirit with a black and white scheme and intense typefaces.

  • Fitness Logo

Physical fitness is not only exclusive to extensive group sports like baseball, football, and the like. Gyms, fitness clubs, marathons and fitness events also need a good fitness logo design to attract clients or participants. Our Elegant Vintage Sports Logo show some of the coolest ways to innovate your fitness gym logo with a vintage theme.

We also have Sports Club Logo Vectors with quirky retro designs to add more personality to a usually intense image of a gym and fitness club. Circular logo designs are also ideal if you want a cleaner finish.

For fitness events, a minimalist and professional approach can be a good choice, especially when you plan on printing them on shirts. You can go for a silhouette of a person running, or dynamic shapes representing a physically fit person with a short tagline below.

  • Outdoor Sports Logo

For the more extreme sports like hiking, rock climbing, and canyoning, their logos are always representative of the great outdoors. You can achieve this by using compass logo designs with icons or images of a mountain or ocean waves. Some outdoor sports logos are more detailed while others can be simpler and minimalist. Since the sport involves going outside and exploring nature, natural colors are the more appropriate choice. Text also always involves large and bold typefaces to represent the daring and strong personalities of outdoor sports enthusiasts.

Creating a logo design involves research and planning. You know you’re looking at a good sports logo when you are able to understand and explain why it is the way it is. Some logos are delicate, while others are assertive. Some are detailed, while others are minimal.

With your design, if the person looking at your logo can fully grasp what you are trying to convey, you’ll have done a great job and more. Have all grounds covered by downloading our sports logo designs to add character to yours.

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