College logos are means of marketing promotions for colleges. They have unique design and coloring that make every college stand out from the mass. They can be printed and can be used in websites, having internal link anchor text that leads the users to the main page of the college’s website. For this post, we have picked out a list of great college logo designs that might be of help for your upcoming projects.

College Vector Logo

college vector logo

A logo that is suitable for educational programs and institutes, and consists of a simple design in both black and white coloring. Available in EPS file format that is editable.

Education Centre Logo

education centre logo

Use a modern template that will add a sophisticated character to the web page. This one is available in two color schemes and in EPS and PSD format files.

College School Logo

college school logo

This is a great set of college logos that can be used for educational programs too. It‘s a high quality ready to print set that comes EPS and PSD files.

College Sports Team Logo

college sports team logo

This is a logo that can be printed in banners, sportswear, and gear. You can find it in fully layered JPG and EPS format files.

Sismostat College Logo Template

sismostat college logo template

This is a fully editable set of logos to be used by colleges. It comes in both black and white background and can be customized to fit your needs.

Royal Education Logo

royal education logo

A design of blue logo with a combination of letters in a half circle and a graduation cap. This is can be found in high resolution and many different sizes.

Education Logo

education logo1

This template comes in three color combinations and is suitable for educational institutes. They are resizable and available in fully layered EPS vector format, using the Trajan Pro fonts.

Web Education Logo

web education logo

A template suitable for e-learning purposes. It is available in different color versions that you can edit in size. You can find it in EPS and AI format files.

College Institute Logo

college institute logo

Having a logo set with color variations is really useful. That’s why this one is a great choice for colleges. You can find it in resizable EPS and AI files.

College University Logo

college university logo

A high-quality modern logo that can be used for many educational purposes. You can find it in EPS and AI format files that you can resize and edit.

University Education Logo Template

university education logo template

Personal Center College Logo Template

personal center college logo template

Albany State University Logo

albany state university logo

Tennis College Logo

tennis college logo

College Education Logo

college education logo

Online Education Logo

online education logo

Hand Drawn Graduation Logos

hand drawn graduation logos

College Logo Design

college logo designs

Lotus College Logo Design

lotus college logo design

Vintage School Logo

vintage school logo

University Station Logo

university station logo

College Logos Collection

college logos collection

Business School Logo

business school logo

Don’t forget to set an internal link anchor text on the logo on every page it appears so that it can transfer the users to the college’s home page. Logos, as a marketing method, need to be inspiring and creative to make others want to be part of the college’s community.

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