If you are getting serious about pursuing photography as a career, then you know the first step is to create your own identity. Photography, along with all the other professions in the world, requires a logo to represent its brand. This is extremely important if you want clients to recognize you, and for them to recommend your work to potential clients and business partners.

If you want to make sure you’re off to a good start, grab some ideas from our list of logo designs. It can be quite tricky to create a photography logo that won’t look even just a tiny bit similar to those of other photographers. That’s why we made sure to give you some of the most creative and original designs to choose from.

Vintage Photography Logo

Vintage Photography Studio Logo

vintage photography logo psd

Vintage Photography Logo Template

vintage photography logo template

Modern Photography Logo

Modern Photography Logo Vector

modern photography logo vector

Royal Photography Logo

Royal Wedding Photography Logo

royal wedding photography logo1

Royal Photography Studio Logo

royal photography studio logo

Fashion Photography Logo

Fashion Photography Logo Design

fashion photography logo design

Professional Photography Logo

Modern Professional Photography Logo

modern professional photography logo

Professional Photography Logo Design

professional photography logo design

The Importance of Logos

Logos are as crucial as breathing when it comes to your career. It is a symbol representing you to the rest of the world. If you’re still starting out as a professional, it’s important to have a unique symbol that can set you apart in a pool full of competitors.

  • Your logo creates a lasting impression on people. It creates an image in their heads about who you are and what you do, even before you’ve introduced yourself. That image is likely to be stuck in their minds every time they see you or your logo.
  • It promotes instant recognition. It’s important that the ideal image you want your logos to project should coincide with the image formulated by the viewer.
  • Your logo can determine your business’s trust-worthiness. That lasting impression and instant recognition can lead to clients either trusting or rejecting you. If you have an approachable and professional logo design, your business will then come across as professional, too, and will attract a new set of clientele.
  • Your logo is an important factor in rising to success and beating your competitors. Clients wanting to work with your over other competing brands means you’ve successfully branded yourself with an image no other company or brand has.

In designing your own logo, list down all the traits and characteristics of your brand or profession you want the public to see. Not only that, take note of the existing logos around you and study their effectiveness. This should apply especially to logos of competing brands. It can help you plan out all the ways to stand out and build a better image.

What Makes a Perfect Logo?

It’s important to note that there are certain key elements a logo needs to make them memorable and effective. It’s not simply a question of what to put but how to put them. Not all logos work by telling you outright what they are.

  • A logo is meaningful. You don’t have to be literal in presenting your company. However, it shouldn’t be too vague either. Make your symbolic logo easily recognizable by choosing graphic elements that best represent you and your unique characteristics.
  • Everything about your logo should be relevant to your business. It should be a balanced out combination of color, shape, size, and text that are easily self-explanatory.
  • Your logo should be refreshing and timeless. Once you’ve publicized your logo, that will be etched in the brains of the people for quite a long time. Don’t just go for the trending colors or shapes for the season. Make the trend by coming up with something fresh-looking even after so many years have passed. Remember that re-branding can be such an expensive and tedious task.
  • Lastly, trust the process of research. Know the meaning of colors, and what the most memorable shapes are. Learn how to get into the subconsciousness of your target market to better grab their attention.

An effective logo design keeps in mind the interests of their targeted niche, without compromising the ideals and values of their brand. Design your logos in a way that show you are more than happy to serve your clients, but on your own unique terms.

Wedding Photography Logo

Wedding & Love Photography Logo

wedding love photography logo

Wedding Photography Logo Template

wedding photography logo template1

Wedding Diamond Photography Logo

wedding diamond photography logo

Nature Photography Logo

Nature Photography Tree Logo

nature photography tree logo

Nature Photography Logo PSD

nature photography logo psd

Movie & Photography Logo

Film and Photography Specialist Logo

film and photography specialist logo

Film and Digital Photography Logo

film and digital photography logo

Landscape Photography Logo

Landscape Photography Logo Template

landscape photography logo template

Abstract Photography Logo

Abstract Photography Logo Template

abstract photography logo template

Abstract Colorful Photography Logo

abstract colorful photography logo

Types of Photography Logo Designs

One of the challenges of being a photographer is coming up with a logo design that hasn’t already been taken by other photographers. This is because there’s a limited amount of graphic elements related to photography the public can easily recognize. The most common would have to be the camera icon, its lenses, or a strip of film.

If you choose to go beyond and think creatively, you’ll see that this is just a hindrance on the surface level. You can up your game by creating a whole new look for you logo, or instill design elements on photography icons only you can come up with.

  • Vintage Photography Logo
    If you want a camera logo design but don’t want to come off as typical, make something fresh by going old-school. A vintage look will always be endearing and classy. Look for cool old camera images like a Super-8 or Nikon F2, and cap it off with vintage typography to have a consistent image.
  • Events Photography Logo
    An events photographer can have one more cutting edge when it comes to their own logo design. Photographers who focus on one or two types of events or shoots can have a whole new set of graphic design elements to work with.
    A fashion photographer, for example, can incorporate fashion designs like a silhouette of a model. You can have an eye as camera lens with eyelids and eyelashes to boot or use the silhouette of the model’s legs as the tripod of the camera.
    Wildlife photographers can incorporate graphic elements related to nature and the wild. If you’re more into the extreme settings, make use of tiger logo designs or other safari animals to bring out the intensity of your profession. For simple and minimalist nature photography, a palm tree or leaf logo will do.
  • Typography Photography Logo
    If you prefer to be direct, go for typography in your logo design. It may not necessarily be as simple as writing down your name. Think of a typography font that can best bring out your personality and style as a photographer. Are you charming and fun with curves and loops? Or are you serious and intense with hard edges? Take the time to study the meaning of different handwriting styles to incorporate that on your choice of font.

As much as you want to be very detailed with your graphics in bringing out your brand, remember to keep your logo design subtle and simple. Your audience will only have to look at them once to make an impression, so make sure you leave a good mark. Be bold and direct. The best business logos are usually the ones that reveal their personality while being professional-looking.

Our photography logo designs are more than happy to help you with that. Download your favorites and have an awesome time in trying to bring out your own brand.

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