The coolest trend of this century; tattoos are all the rage right now! From revamping your personality to showing off a part of you visually, tattoos are a super fun way to denote your wildest dreams right onto your skin for the world to see. A niche category amongst the tattoo types is the garter tattoo – primarily famous amidst women of all ages and ethnicity. Following are the ones we have gathered up some of our favorite designs from the ones doing rounds right now and have compiled them for an easy access to you!

Cheryl Cole Thigh Tattoo

Cheryl Cole Thigh Tattoo

With a body as sexy as hers, a garter tattoo is one of the only few things Cheryl Cole could have got to amp up her glam quotient! In all her gorgeously glittery dress up, the first thing to catch your eye has got to be that superb tattoo – and we believe that’s exact what she was going for!

Garter Gun Tattoo

Garter Gun Tattoo Source

Representing one of the oldest concepts, get this one if you believe you got a sexy little firebrand woman hidden inside you! While the lace represents femininity in all its prettiness, the gun handle peeking out adds to the drama in a thrilling way.

Lace Bow Tattoo

Lace Garter Bow Tattoo Source

We are still awe-struck at just how real this one looks! Done in pure black ink, with multiple shades and hues to get the perfect realistic look, this pretty wrapped around lace looks beautiful tied into an imperfect yet cute bow.

High knife Belt Tattoo

high knife Garter Belt Tattoo Source

Another one taken from the Victorian spy and thriller books, fixing in a dagger inside a frilly garter as a tattoo design sounds so much fun, doesn’t it? And if you’re into cosplaying or theatre acting, it just might be the perfect match for the modern day Lara Croft!

Tribal Garter Tattoo

Tribal Garter Tattoo Source

Lace Band Stencil Tattoo

Lace Garter Stencil Tattoo Source

One of the super gorgeous stencil artworks we have laid our eyes upon, let’s give this one an applause for the minute details preserving the drooling sexiness of the entire tattoo so perfectly! Pair this up with an little black dress and see the eyes in the room riveting towards you!

Flower Band Tattoo

Flower Garter Tattoo


Stand out from the rest with this beautiful garter tattoo created out of spring blossoms and pretty leaves. The idea here is to avoid too much symmetry and go for a flower crown-like look, just that it will now be garnishing your thigh in the prettiest way you can imagine!

White Lace Tattoo

White Garter Tattoo Source

Another one from the realistic looking tattoo collections, this one is all about covering the depths and highlights in the perfect shades. See how beautifully the artist has executed the tightened lace and the soft curls of the ribbon! Make yourself feel beautiful beyond bounds with this one!

Mandala Garter Tattoo Design

Mandala Garter Tattoo Design Source

The Mandala art has been executed so delicately here that the details are absolutely mind-blowing! Revolving around the concept of spiritualism and cosmic depiction, go for Mandala patterns for tattoos with beautiful poetic meanings and gorgeous artwork for visual portrayal.

Knitted Garter Tattoo Design

Knitted Garter Tattoo Design Source

Be the beautiful and foxy babe with this drop-dead gorgeous knitted garter tattoo design! Pair this one with sexy shorts and frilly dresses for that oomph factor. Resembling the cloth garters we wear in all its actuality, this one is guaranteed to spice up your bedroom fun by tens of degrees!

Girl Ribbon Tattoo Design

Girl Ribbon Tattoo Design Source

Watercolor Lace Tattoo Design

Watercolor Garter Tattoo Design Source

Black and Grey Lace Leg Tattoo

Black and Grey Lace Leg Tattoo Source

Simple Garter Flower Tattoo

Simple Garter Flower Tattoo Source

Flower with Ribbon Leg Tattoo

Flower with Ribbon Leg Tattoo Source

Heart Shaped Butterfly Thigh Tattoo

Heart Shaped with Ribbon Thigh Tattoo Source

Black Garter Tattoo for Women

Black Garter Tattoo for Women Source

Realistic Garter Arm Tattoo

Realistic Garter Arm Tattoo Source

Thigh Garter Tattoo for Girls

Thigh Garter Tattoo for Girls Source

Lace with Ship Tattoo Design

Lace with Ship Tattoo Design Source

Awesome Garter Tattoo Idea

Awesome Garter Tattoo Idea Source

Tattoos open up such a wonderful world of opportunities for us that it gets a bit complicated at times to decide what to go for! If you’re a sexy little fireball, we totally recommend opting for a garter tattoo; rest assured, you will not be disappointed by the beautiful results it’s going to yield! With so many options of art to choose from, blend them to form a design unique to just you and let your body represent your individuality. We will love to hear your comments on what you think about tattoos below!

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