Funny fonts are a great addition to graphic artwork projects that are aimed towards children, or to create a funny and quirky feel to the project or event because they add to the feel and theme of the project. This list had put together a wide range of beautiful, funny, and quirky options to give you some inspiration and options to help you add the finishing touches, and create the perfect graphic artwork design project.

Funny Handwritten Font

funny handwritten font

This font has a hand written design to the simple, thin, 2D letters. It is a fun and quirky hand written font that could be used in event invitations, banners, quotes, and many other graphic artworks for a simple and personal feel.

Balloon Typeface Funny Font

balloon typeface funny font

This balloon font is a fun design that uses bright colours such as blues, reds, orange and green in the style of blown up balloon in order to create the letters. This design is ideal for use in children’s birthday event decorations, invitations and banners to create a fun event.

Rock Land Comic Font

rock land comic font1

This funny font uses inspiration from rocks to create the simple 2D letters, which are white in colour. This font can be used for many different projects, such as children’s parties, a geological event, and many other fun events.

Funny Childish Handwritten Font

funny childish handwritten font

This font is based on a typewriter styled font in simple black or white. It can be used in writing children’s storybooks, fairy tale themed events, invitations, and banners in order to create a childlike and innocent feel.

Say Less Custom Funny Font

say less funny

This custom font takes inspiration from vintage 1940’s advertising posters to create a vintage and classic theme to the font. This font can be used for 40’s themed parties and events and can be incorporated onto events, decorations and banners in order to complete the theme.

Classic Funny Font

classic funny font

This classic funny font is created with a hand drawn element and white shadow behind the main body of the letters. This font can be used for inspirational quote pictures, as a lettering on a website or blog, and many other online projects to create a simple and classic design.

Freaky Circus Font

freaky circus font

This freaky circus font uses a typical circus themed font and adds more embellishments and sharper edges to create a slightly more gothic and ‘freaky’ design. This font can be used for a gothic or creepy themed graphic artwork project.

Funny Kid Font

funny kid font

JeanSunHo Funny Font

jeansunho funny font

Chocolate Bar Funny Font

chocolate bar funny font

Funny Toys Font

funny toys font

Sillyheart Font

sillyheart font

Funny Font

funny font

Boomerang Font

boomerang font

Funny Trip Font

funny trip font

Jellygurp Font

jellygurp font

Funny Icon Font

funny icon font

KR Ha Ha Font

kr ha ha

These designs can create a beautiful, funny, and original design to whatever project that you are designing. We hope that this list has provided you with some help and inspiration with your funny graphic design project with the wide range of options we have provided.

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