Looking for a unique heart logo? A symbol of love, the heart logo finds its way into a lot of materials, ranging from Valentine’s Day cards to NGO catalogs involved in community services. It’s a universal symbol that is self-explanatory and closes to every human being. A heart inspires, promises, thinks, believes and does everything that is expected of a loved one or a loved brand. Here are some fresh and unique heart logos that could very well be the highlight of your next card or promotional material.

Green Heart Logo Template

green heart logo template

Are you somehow connected to the cause of environment and sustainable development? A green heart perfectly symbolizes our deep-rooted connection to mother earth and makes us realize our responsibilities. Here are some incredibly unique and fresh heart logos made out of leaf illustration. A perfect message in itself, you can always add your company slogan below the logo.

Diamond Heart Logo Design

diamond heart logo design

Diamonds are for forever! A diamond symbolizes eternity, sophistication and high quality. If these are the motto of your company and you stand for uniqueness in quality, this diamond heart will be the perfect way to go about your logo.

Helpful Heart Designed Logo

helpful heart designed logo

A helpful hand in situations of adversities is the most prized and coveted things one can expect. For people associated with community and animal services, a hand in hand heart logo symbolizes strength in unity and proclaims that you will be there, fighting for the cause and the people at every step.

Heart Flower Logo Template

heart flower logo template

A heart made out of flowers can have several connotations and meanings. It would be a perfect logo for businesses that see a market for families, couples, parents and friends. It can also be a perfect way to symbolize a boutique or flower business. After all, nothing can come closer to your heart than some bright and beautiful flowers!

Creative Deer Heart Logo Design

creative deer heart logo design

Of all animals, a deer probably has the most innocent of hearts. This highly creative deer heart logo can be your logo for animal welfare and related businesses, campaigns and organizations. A fresh idea in itself, this logo will certainly give a unique face to your existence.

Healthy Heart Logo

healthy heart logo

Trying to inspire your customers and audiences about the importance of a healthy living? The heart being the powerhouse of the body, rightly symbolizes vitality. The designer has added green leaves as a symbol of an organic living. Whether you are marketing an organic product or promoting the cause of sustainability, this logo will be a perfect match.

Loving Hearts logo Design

loving hearts logo design

One cannot really define love but all of the knows that it resides in our hearts. This is a highly creative and unique way to inspire people to join hearts and live a lovable life. Whether you are running a community NGO or are in the medical counseling business, this would be an ideal logo to have handy.

Infinity Heart PSD Logo

infinity heart psd logo

A sincere applause goes to the designer of this logo. Life is infinite and runs sinfull circle and this is perfectly represented by this infinity logo. If you think your requirement matches this cause, the logo is ours to take!

Flat Heart Wings Logo Template

flat heart wings logo template

Another unique and creative way to symbolize love and affection, the wings add a lot of dimension to the small heart in between.

Open Heart Logo

open heart logo

Heart Tree Logo

heart tree logo

Social Heart Logo Template

social heart logo template

Paper Heart Logo Design

paper heart logo design

Heart Beat Logo

heart beat logo

Silver Heart Logo

silver heart logo

Hand Heart Logo Design

hand heart logo design

King Heart Logo Idea

king heart logo idea

Square Heart Logo

square heart logo

Splash Heart Logo Design

splash heart logo design

Have your found your perfect heart logo yet? We would like to listen to your queries and feedback about this compilation. Also, check out the different droplet logos we have to offer.

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