After a whole tiring week everyone loves to go to SPA saloon with a nice massage, where one can easily relax and pamper their self. As the new year has begun and we know how important it is to have a nice and attractive interior of spa .So don’t worry as in this article we will let you know about the new spa design trends of 2016 which will make your spa look amazing and beautifull.these are the new trend which will surely increase the productivity of your business as one can’t easily forgeta beautifully design spa saloon.

1-Simple and Beautiful:

the most latest design trend of 2016 for the spas are simple and beautiful which can be elaborated as make your spa saloon look simple and attractive at the same time by just having same color of the sofa set and wall paint and other complementing things.

simple spa design

simple spa design1

2-Hand Made Spa:

The other latest design trend for the year 2016 is that people are in love with the handmade kind of stuff so take this opportunity and make it large by decorating your spa saloon in that manner with handmade stuff making it look more charming than before.

hand made spa

3-Dim lighting:

The latest design which will surely blow the mind of the people is to have a dim light in the spa with dark color on the walls and the dark painted wall.

dim lighting spa

dim lighting spa1

4-The Royal Design:

The latest design trend of spa for 2016 which can be heart taking is the royal design which is very easy to implement but will surely make your spa the best place to relax and have the great and satisfying massage ever which none can offer for sure.

royal spa

royal spa design

5-The Natural design:

The trends are getting creative day by day year by year so but the most common and loveable design is to decorate the interior of your spa with natural look which is very much popular in the public and mostly customer loved it as they find it very relaxing, taking massage in a natural type of surrounding.

natural design spa

natural design spa1

6-The Luxury Interior:

The most trending design for 2016 is surely the luxury interior design which can beat any other design by great margin as you have to decorate the interior of your spa with some luxurious kind of stuff which can easily shock anyone and takes his heart easily.

luxury interior in spa1

luxury interior in spa

7-Culutral Interior:

One can’t deny the fact that 2016 will be a very exciting year and to in this year the spa design trend which will going to be most favourite of everyone is going to be the cultural interior which will be comprising of some classy wooden shelf and a ceramic color sink.

cultural interior in spa 1

cultural interior in spa


Everyone loves creativity, the more creative design of your spa’s interior the more chance of increase in the productivity of your business ,so this year be creative while designing your spa and see the fruits of being creative as you will be very glad to see the results.

creative spa

9-The Classy interior:

The next trend for the year 2016 is the classy interior ,this type of interior design of your spa will surely going to be the best thing for you in this year as the more we are moving forward the more people are missing the old things ,so decorating interior of spa with classy interior is the new trend.

classy spa design1

classy spa design2

10-The Modern way:

The last but not the least spa design of 2016 is the modern way design as for this all you have to do is just to think yourself as the modern day age person and just place all the cool stuff which you can having bright wall color and some unique kind of furniture placed in the spa and that’s it.

modern spa design1

modern spa design2

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