Thinking about starting a Business, why not restaurants? Weather it is on a large scale or on a small plot; matter is a great business plan, a fascinating and attractive space, outer looks of your office or restaurant and interior obviously. Your restaurant designs should be open, wide, friendly and natural, restaurant business are not only to earn and gain popularity but some people like me really wants to try new taste and recipes and share with other, it is a sort of self pleasure and serving. After all we always have an empty space for dine out.

Here we discuss top 10 trending designs will rock all year 2016.

Chalk board menu

Yes; chalk board menu is easy to add and erase rates, recipes and new arrivals. A chalk board menu is always trending in casual and formal places and restaurants. Chalk board adds the friendly look as well as interior. Decorate your chalk board with related stuff and go trendy all year long.

blackboard menu

blackboard menu1

blackboard menu 2

Text on walls

A restaurant interior looks eye catching, when walls say all. Yeah whether it is a famous quote or menu or it is about owner or value of restaurant. Paste formats with glitters and add clip art related to your restaurant kitchen. Text on wall must be friendly and easy to make you costumer come back possible

restaurant text on walls

restaurant text on walls1


Most fashionable and stylish trend is using stools in restaurants and bars. There are so many designs for stools used in kitchen and restaurants that makes the environment cool and funky. A bunch of friends when enter to your restaurant they don’t look for a side table or a corner space they look for the right place where would easily get connect with the waiter or the service staff, and also they look for the space from where they can see; what’s happening inn.

restaurant sools1

restaurant stools1

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