In every business that serves food, like restaurants, cafeterias, or fast food chains, a food menu is always used to provide a customer with a selection on what dishes and beverages are being served by the establishment.

Small businesses may use either a simple-looking menu design that places emphasis on the dishes listed and not on images, or they would even use chalkboards to write down their dishes – an appropriate option for those that constantly change their dishes. For big and more expensive restaurants, they would make use of creative but formal-looking food menu card designs, which usually consist of more than just a single page, and the dishes would be arranged by categories.

The food menu designs on our website range from vegan food menus to country-specific ones, such as Mexican food menus and Thai food menus. If your looking for food menu designs that you can use for your food business, then feel free to check out what we are offering on our website.

Simple Restaurant Menu Designs

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This food menu design leans more toward simplicity, even though it is designed to be used by restaurants, and not small food businesses like cafeterias. This is perfect for those who prefer a more straightforward look on their food menus — the customers focus on the dishes and their respective prices. The creativity of this minimalist menu design is being kept to a minimum.

Graphical Food Menu Designs


On the other hand, food establishments that want their customers to focus more on the visual representation of their dishes, use this menu design. The entire page of the menu is divided into two sections: the upper half is used to provide a picture of their best dish, while the lower half is used to list down their other dishes and beverages. This modern menu design is highly applicable if you are serving different dishes, but you also want your customers to try out something that you are best proud of.

Mexican Food Menu Designs

stock vector restaurant menu template cafe identity vector illustration 296148581 281x300

If you are a Mexican food lover and you want to share that love to your customers by serving them Mexican food, then use this food menu. You could list down here the Mexican dishes that you enjoy eating and you love cooking, such as tacos, burritos, and quesadillas. This sample actually gives you more than what you are asking because it not only includes the food menu itself, but also a business card and table reservation number.

Vintage Food Menu Designs

stock vector restaurant menu design vector menu brochure template for cafe coffee house restaurant bar food 229789894 281x300

If you are looking for a very simple and vintage-looking menu design, then you can download this sample. The background color itself gives you that vintage feel to the menu, and with the addition of the artistic curved lines and the formal-looking Serif font, this vintage menu design is sure to take you back decades to centuries.

Vegan Food Menu Designs

stock vector vintage chalk drawing vegetarian food menu design 331244960 300x245

For those health-conscious people who want to promote to others the benefits of being healthy, then this menu design is definitely for you. There are people who aim to look and feel healthy by simply eating organic and fat-free foods such as fruits and vegetables. This food menu is just that, and with the artistic visual representation of these dishes or the ingredients used, your customers will surely be enticed to sink their mouths into your foods.

An additional feature to this menu design, is that it is has a chalkboard theme, similar to those used by chalkboard menu designs.

Thai Food Menu Designs

44887974 vector thai food restaurant menu template stock vector 300x264


This food menu design is for those food establishments that are serving Thai food to their customers. Thai food usually includes shrimp paste, fish sauce, coconut milk, and nuts on their dishes, and if you enjoy cooking these dishes, then download this sample. Much like the Mexican food menu design, this one comes in a set as well. This sample has also been designed to include a business card and a discount voucher along with the food menu.

Seafood Restaurant Food Menus

52132360 seafood restaurant brochure menu design stock vector 212x300


If you have an establishment that caters to people who love to eat seafood either due to personal preference or for health reasons, then use this menu design to give them a choice on what they want to eat.

This food menu design is also appropriate for those restaurants who are being supplied abundantly with various seafood that they can cook for their customers. However, if you want to have more freedom in designing your own menu design, we also have blank menu designs that you can use.

As you can see, it is a must that food establishments make use of a food menu. Without food menus, how would a customer be able to make their orders? Even food catering businesses use catering menus to give their customers a guide on what type of dishes their business is serving.

Aside from being just a guide, the presence of a food menu also signifies that a business is professional and is sincere in serving food to their customers.

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