During many kinds of functions, including wedding receptions, there may actually be a number of choices as to what is being served. In that case, it would be necessary to have a menu to provide the guests with a list so as to let them choose what they want. And much like at any restaurant, it is also possible to decorate those menus and give them more of a personal touch.

In that case, you may find yourself in need of a template for your menus, even for general party menus, especially if you have a very definite theme for the affair as a whole. If you do need a template, you might be well-served using one of those available for download here.

Wedding Menu Card

Wedding Reception Menu Card

Floral Wedding Dinner Menu Card

Wedding Menu Card PSD

Diy Wedding Menu

Diy Wedding Menu Card

Diy Chalkboard Wedding Menu Template

Diy Beach Wedding Menu

Diy Fall Themed Wedding Menu

Vintage Wedding Menu

Vintage Wedding Menu Card

Vintage Wedding Textured Menu

What About Wedding Menu Templates?

Put simply, a menu is basically a list of what foods are available at a given restaurant, or in this case, at a wedding reception. In these cases, it is assumed that there is a selection, to begin with; hence the need to choose one from the list.

When most people plan life events like weddings, they usually design them around a particular theme, usually with regard to the people involved, or to the location. Of course, it only makes sense for everything to conform to that theme, including such things as the wedding invitations and menus. After all, the purpose of a theme is to provide a uniting element for everything at the wedding.

As for having a menu design in the first place, some organizers may see a need to provide their guests with a variety of choices, possibly in the name of adding to the celebration. This can make it easier for every guest to get into the spirit of fun, as each one can choose their own meal for the event, within reason. This may also be a personal choice, as the organizers might also take the personal preferences of their guests into account, and offer alternatives with that in mind.

How Different Can You Make Them?

It is a given that there are several possible approaches to organizing events like weddings. For instance, there are quite a number of possible themes one can use for your party menus, depending on their preferences and circumstances. Of course, these approaches are also applicable to the reception menu and can contribute quite a bit to the atmosphere. Some of those possible themes include:

  • Floral – A floral theme is usually one that synergizes well with weddings as a whole. Being that the occasion is a festive one, it follows that using this particular theme would help set the mood as a whole. Of course, a floral theme can add a splash of color, which most people might consider using for their menus.
  • Vintage – Some weddings go for a vintage aesthetic, which can lend a greater sense of gravitas as the theme can provide a sense of age and timelessness. What this means for the menus is that they can borrow old aesthetic styles to reinforce that particular mood, such as art deco.
  • Seasonal – Many events, not just weddings, tend to base themselves around the season when they occur and use related imagery, like the sun for summer weddings. If that is the case, it would be particularly important for the menu to follow the theme, so as to reinforce the idea in everyone’s minds. A seasonal menu is also very likely to pattern its cuisine around the summer, making it doubly fitting if the menu should conform to the theme.
  • Minimalist – Simplicity is seen as a virtue in many aspects of design, as most people would advocate something with as few embellishments as possible. The aesthetic version of that would be minimalism, which focuses less on details than on content. Such a menu would focus less on decor and detail in favor of the available selections. This starkness of design is itself a choice, as it allows guests to simply focus on what is available on the logic that that is the most significant content.
  • Beach – Some weddings, like many other events, may decide to hold the even on a beach. As such, in those cases, the wedding tends to adopt a beach theme, with appropriate imagery like palm trees and starfish. Like a seasonal theme, this can be appropriate for the menu, particularly if the cuisine also conforms to the theme by serving seafood. This is a prime example of how the theme of an event can contribute to setting a particular mood for everyone in attendance.

Rustic Wedding Menu

Chalkboard Wedding BBQ Menu

Diy Rustic Wedding Menu

Rustic Wedding Menu Card

Wedding Drink Menu

Sample Wedding Drink Menu

Wedding Reception Drink Menu

Beach Wedding Menu

Beach Wedding Menu Card

Diy Beach Wedding Menu

Beach Wedding Dinner Menu

Customisable Wedding Menu

What Are You Looking For?

A wedding menu’s basic job is to tell the assembled guests what foods are available, that much is a given. However, they can arguably do more than that just by conforming to the theme of the wedding. Like other forms of visual media, the wedding menu also contains a part of the event itself, so simply by being, the menu also helps contribute to the mood of the event, just like more blatant things like invitationsstickers, or banners. Of course, in order to do that, the menu must also possess certain features that allow it to do that, some of which include:

  • Appropriate – In the name of supporting the wedding’s theme, it has been established that it would be a good idea for the menu to conform to the same theme. After all, if the theme is trying to convey a particular mood, it helps to have every element of the wedding contribute on the grounds that every bit helps. Like with anything else, it is easier to create a particular mood if it is placed as prominently as possible.
  • Customizability – It is important that the templates be customizable, the better to fit the needs of any possible user. After all, there is no guarantee that every user would want to offer identical menus. For one reason or another, they may wish to offer their own choices, and it would be in the template’s interest to be flexible.
  • Interesting – As with any menu, these menus have to be able to make their selections sound appealing. This may be doubly the case with these menus, precisely because of their limited selections. The burden on the menus to make the food they offer sound as appetizing as possible is greater because that is all they can offer. In order to avoid embarrassment, it would be wise to make the effort to sell the food well, so to speak.

Wedding Dinner Menu

Fall Wedding Dinner Menu

Modern Wedding Dinner Party Menu

Art Deco Wedding Menu

Artistic Wedding Dinner Menu Card

Vintage Art Deco Wedding Menu

Framed Art Deco Wedding Menu

Wedding Menus Galore

Like other menus, there are different ways to classify wedding menus. After all, not all menu designs necessarily list all that they have to offer. For the sake of order, some menus segregate between items, so that a given menu only lists some of the available foods. Of course, one thing all these types share in common is a limited selection, being that the events menu has more in common with a party menu design than a restaurant menu design. In any case, some of the types of menu templates include:

  • Full-Course Menu – Many weddings feature a reception after the ceremony, where the couple and guests celebrate with a meal and other things. In the event that the reception features dinner, many menus list full-course meals. Guests are, however, limited to a handful of choices. Given that a full-course meal is slightly more complex than most meals. Since the different courses are handed out in a specific order, it would be fitting because of the relative formality of the wedding itself.
  • Drink Menu – Some wedding receptions may serve alcoholic drinks, possibly in relation to the rest of the reception. This is consistent with many traditions associated with weddings, such as toasts. In any case, those kinds of receptions would be wise to have a separate menu for drinks, and many do have one. In those cases, it might be more appropriate to separate the drink menu from the regular menu, so as to be able to focus on drinking when it becomes appropriate.
  • Card Menu – Being that many wedding menus are made for the occasion, they usually appear in the form of small cards. Unlike restaurant menus, which are intended to be used over periods of time, a wedding menu is usually only meant for the occasion. Hence their small size, as they are not really intended to be used over again. Like other documents related to special occasions, this allows these menus to be used as some sort of keepsake if the guests are so inclined.

Weddings are generally accepted to be a special occasion; certainly, a lot of work is required to make any wedding a success. Of course, like any other occasion, there is much more to a wedding than the event itself, as there are a number of things that organizers will have to plan for, wedding menus among them. In the case of wedding menus, one should take into account that the menus can also help convey the spirit of the event to those who attend, albeit not in the same way as the invitations or decorations. In any case, there is no denying that wedding menus are another way of reinforcing the occasion, above and beyond simply listing the food.

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