Planning a wedding is no easy task, and that includes all the supplementary documents connected to one, such as menu cards. Since many weddings are a way for all involved to celebrate, it’s hardly surprising for hosts to prepare a selection of food. As such the reception would need menus, but ones designed to fit the occasion.

Thankfully, there are various card designs on this page that should be able to assist you. It should be noted that there are other concerns other than searching for an attractive design. The ceremony itself may have a particular theme, and it would be important to find an appropriate card that corresponds to the theme.

Confetti Wedding Menu Card

Printable Wedding Menu Template

Floral Wedding Menu Card

Wedding Invitation & Menu Card

Wedding Menu & RSVP Card Set

What You Need in Your Wedding Menu Card Designs

To that end, there are some things you would expect from whatever menu card designs you would choose. After all, there is more to designing than simply mentioning what is available. The menus would have to take other things into consideration. With that in mind, there are some things that have to be added to a design so as to make it successful.

  • Like everything else related to the ceremony, it would be wise if the menu cards were designed according to the wedding’s theme. After all, the theme’s entire purpose is to both unite all the elements and make the occasion memorable.
  • Many people choose to take mementos of special occasions for the sake of posterity. With that in mind, it might be a good idea for the menu cards to include memorable details, like the date and couple’s names, so that guests who elect to do this would have a more proper keepsake.
  • Some documents related to weddings and other ceremonies often tend to serve dual purposes, such as including invitations and other documents. If those are not found in the menu proper, some templates also include those documents, so that you can have everything would need at once.

Ethnic Wedding Card Set

Watercolor Wedding Card

Wedding Dinner Menu Card

Polka Dot Menu Card

Creative Wedding Stationery Bundle

Gold Menu Template

Wedding Menu Template

Rustic Wedding Menu

Floral Wedding Menu Template

Gold Foil Wedding Menu

What You Want the Designs to Be

Of course, you should also not ignore the qualities you would need to include in your wedding menu templates. There are some things that these designs should have in themselves. The same can be said of other kinds of cards, so there are some qualities that cards have in general that make them useful beyond simply stating something.

  • As the ceremony itself is a celebration, you would expect that the menu cards would be festive. After all, if the event is to work as a celebration, then everything must contribute to the atmosphere, and that includes the menu cards.
  • Another thing you want from your menu cards is that they be memorable. Even if the cards are designed to be minimalist in style, you want them to have some kind of flair so as to make them eye-catching. The last thing you want to make your cards appear boring.

These cards might be something that you yourself may wish to use, but you should not feel limited by these choices. There are other selections available on the website that can serve any needs you may have, so there is no need to fear that you may not find a particular design.

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