When you shop at stores, you may have noticed such things as gift cards. Gift cards are a viable strategy for attracting customers to shop at a store by giving them something that can serve as a replacement or supplement for paying with cash. Gift cards can also make for viable gifts if you need them as such.

If for one reason or another, you needed to produce your own gift cards, you can use the card designs available here. Perhaps you have your own store and you were looking for a way to attract customers to patronize you. Whatever your reasons, it is easy to see how you can find a use for these cards.

Christmas Gift Card

Merry Christmas Gift Card

merry christmas gift card

Wedding Gift Card

What Are Gift Cards?

A gift card is, first and foremost, a kind of card that contains information on an amount of money keyed to the card that allow the user to that money in lieu of real money when making transactions. In appearance, gift cards are much like credit cards, in that they have a barcode or electronic strip that has to be read in order to access the information related to the card.

  • As mentioned earlier, many stores make use of gift cards can be used as gifts. Any people see fit to give gift cards as gifts instead of something else that may not see use, on the grounds that gift cards are more practical. Of course, to make it seem more of a gift, you may wish to use greeting card designs to make the gift card more personalized and appropriate for whatever the occasion may be.
  • Many stores also use gift cards as a means of attracting more customers, particularly during periods where they can expect to be flooded with customers. Gift cards can be so attractive thanks to providing customers with better deals than they might expect to get, or by offering other kinds of promos. Were you to use gift cards, you should be able to do the same yourself.

Gift Voucher Card

Jewelry Gift Voucher Card

jewelery gift voucher card

Business Gift Voucher Card

business gift voucher card

Wedding Gift Voucher Card

wedding gift voucher card

Birthday Gift Card

Personalized Birthday Gift Card

personalized birthday gift card1

What Is in Their Designs?

If you were very set on using gift cards as gifts, then you might need birthday card designs as that would be one occasion where you would be expected to give gifts. But whether you design your gift cards for gift-giving or for making promos for a store, there are some things you would need to look for in any given design. There will likely be some measure of variance between these descriptions and actual examples you may encounter, but most examples of such designs should have much in common.

  • In most cases, bright colors help make a product more noticeable, which is only fitting, as that is usually what most products want in the first place. In the case of gift card designs, giving the designs bright colors makes them more appealing, and therefore more desirable to customers and recipients. Designing your gift cards with that in mind may also serve to remind customers of the presumably festive occasions.
  • Being that many gift cards are released to coincide with holidays and other occasions, it would be fitting for the designs to feature appropriate imagery. For example, gift cards released around the Christmas or Valentine’s seasons would do well to reflect the season so as to make them more fitting with the them of the holidays. Besides, the design may serve as a reminder of the season, and make customers more likely to buy more products appropriate to the holidays.
  • One of the more practical aspects of gift cards is the fact that they can serve as substitutes for paying with real money. Whatever design you use ought to have a price voucher included so as to make the value of your gift card clear. After all, if the card is meant to serve as a gift certificate, it should tell customers of its specific value.

New Year Gift Card

Happy New Year Gift Card

happy new year gift card1

Square Gift Card

Valentine Gift Card

Handmade Valentines Day Gift Card

handmade valentines day gift card1

Personalized Valentine Gift Card

personalized valentine gift card

Must-Have Qualities of a Gift Card

As a side note, is also possible to use your gift card designs with other kinds of cards so that they can all serve multiple purposes. For example, you can easily make your gift cards work with birthday or invitation card designs so that they can send more than one message to their recipients. But whatever your purpose your designs should possess certain qualities so that they can more easily serve in the roles you want for them.

  • Many of the designs here are festive in nature, which makes sense, as many of them are indeed made for holiday seasons. The effect is helped along by the bright colors and imagery, as everything contributes to the theme as a whole.
  • The elements of design also serve to evoke certain ideas for many who view the gift cards. This is not to say that the cards are only evocative of the holidays. In truth, the card designs can also be seen as encouragement for their buyers to spend more, given the bright colors and other design choices.
  • Being that these gift cards can be modified a great deal so that they can suit any purpose you want them to, many examples can be personalized to your exact specifications. Many cards can serve secondary purposes other than simply being gift cards, such as invitation or birthday cards. In that case it would make sense for them to be customized for specific people if necessary.

Gift Card Invitation

Baby Shower Gift Card

gift card shower invitation1

Gift Thank You Card

Christmas Gift Thank You Card

christmas gift thank you card1

Gift Card Takeaways

You might say that thank you card designs have a specific purpose, namely to thank people for one thing or another. On the other hand, gift cards can have a variety of different purposes such as inviting or greeting others in addition to their main purpose of serving as gift certificates. There could even be overlap between those two kinds of card designs.

Of course, if you needed a different kind of card design, there are a variety of possible designs on this website, so that even if you cannot find what you want here, you may just find it on another page. After all, if at first you cannot find the templates you wanted, the simplest thing to do might be to look around some more.

In any case, if gift cards are what you were looking for, then these should sere you well. Whether you are a store owner or in advertising, you should be able to make these designs work for you. Naturally, you would have to download and print out the designs, but that should not be an obstacle, and you should be able to control every aspect of production that way.

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