Shape designs can be useful for many different projects and designs, as well as being very useful in the classroom to use as a teaching aid for younger children. This list has put together some of the best shape designs to give you the widest range of shape designs so that you can find the best ideas and inspiration to create the perfect design and finish your project, image, or customised gift card.

Geometric Shape Designs

This set of geometric shapes gives many different options for shapes that can be customised in colour and added onto many different projects to create the effect you desire.

3D Geometric Shapes

3d geometric shapes

Abstract Geomtric Shapes

abstract geomtric shapes

Outline Geometric Shapes

outline geometric shapes

Heart Shape Designs

This heart shaped design is a hand drawn outline of a red heart that can be added onto a customised image or collage to create a romantic and cute design.

Geometric Heart Shapes

geometric heart shapes

Heart Photoshop Vector Shapes

heart photoshop vector shapes

Grunge Shapes

These shapes are grunge shaped banner designs in black. These designs can be customised in colour and can have text incorporated onto them in order to make a striking and edgy banner for any event or project.

Grunge Brush Shapes

grunge brush shapes

Grunge Vector Custom Shapes

grunge vector custom shapes

3D Shapes

This set of shapes is a number of different 3D shapes in various different colours. These images can be used for educational purposes, or to add and design into different digital graphics projects.

3D Abstract Shapes

3d abstract shapes

Polygon Shapes

This set of polygon shapes has different polygon shapes with the individual name under each shape. These shapes are simple outlines and are ideal in teaching children the names and shapes of different mathematical shapes.

Colourful Polygon Shapes

colorful polygon shapes

Vector Shapes

These vector shapes come in different shapes and designs of snowflakes in black and white. These shapes are ideal for incorporating onto festive projects and cards in order to create a Christmas feel.

Snowflakes Vector Shapes

snowflakes vector shapes

Photoshop Vector Circle Shapes

photoshop vector circle shapes

Logo Shapes

These logos are black logos with white outlines, and they are ideal for clothing and other logo labels in order to advertise your brand. These logo designs are totally customisable to your brand and designs.

Vintage Logo Shapes

vintage logo shapes

Hipster Logo Shapes

hipster logo shapes

Retro Logo Shapes

retro logo shapes

Flower Shapes

These flower shapes can be used on many different projects, used as templates or stencils in order to create a cute and feminine feel.

Vector Flower Shapes

vector flower shapes

Flowers Custom Shapes

flowers custom shapes

Diamond Shape Designs

This diamond outline is a simple black and white outline of a diamond. This design is customisable to your design and colour and can be incorporated into customised gift cards and other elements in order to give a feminine but elegant theme.

Abstract Diamond Shapes

abstract diamond shapes

Star Shapes

This star shaped design is a simple black and white, 5-point star design that can be used for many different projects and designs in order to create a beautiful and professional finish.

Vector Star Shapes

vector star shapes

Stars Photoshop Custom Shapes

stars photoshop custom shapes

Cloud Shape Designs

This cloud shape design is simple 2D, white clouds on a blue background, imitating a sky. This design can be used to decorate rooms, cards, and create many digital imaging projects to create a skyline design.

Custom Cloud Shapes

custom cloud shapes

Colourful Shapes

This colourful shape is the image of a circle but uses many different colours in order to create the image of a 3D sphere. This image can be used on many different projects to create a beautiful finish.

Colourful Geometric Shapes

colorful geometric shapes

Colorful Abstract Shapes

colorful abstract shapes

Custom Shapes

This set of custom shapes is based around the design of brush strokes. Although these shapes are shown to be black, they can be changed to create any effect that you need in order to create a professional finish.

Crowns Custom Shape

crowns custom shape

Arrows Custom Shapes

arrows custom shapes

Ribbons Custom Shapes

ribbons custom shapes

Clock Custom Shapes

clock custom shapes

Ticket Shapes

These ticket shapes are blank tickets in many different shapes so that you can customise the ticket to your own preferences. These tickets can be used for events, awards, and many other uses to create a fun and different style.

Event Ticket Shapes

event ticket shapes

Abstract Shape Designs

These abstract shape designs use silver and red in order to create a bold shape that stands out and catches the eye of the public. These designs can be used in many different projects and areas in order to advertise.

Hypnotic Abstract Shapes

hypnotic abstract shapes

Abstract Shapes and Lines

abstract shapes and lines

Abstract Vector Shapes

abstract vector shapes

Shield Shapes

These shield shapes give you many different options of shield shapes and sizes in order to give you plenty of choice. These shapes are perfect for medieval and regal themes imaging projects, as they are an old fashioned type of armour.

Shield Custom Shapes

shield custom shapes

Vector Shield Shapes

vector shield shapes

Vintage Shield Shapes

vintage shield shapes

Doodle Shape Designs

These doodle shapes are hand drawn images of many different images. These images can be put into customised cards, collages, diaries, and other projects in order to create a personal touch to the project.

Geometric Doodle Shapes

geometric doodle shapes

We have carefully researched a huge number of shape designs in order to bring you this list of versatile shape designs for a huge range of projects. We are confident that this list will help you to find the best options for your projects, no matter what the aim or design.

Where are shapes used?

Shapes are used almost anywhere in order to create pretty images, professional collages, and useful educational aids in order to help children learn. Depending on the shape or design of the shape, they can be used in any area or project in order to create a beautiful and professional design to whatever it is that you are creating.

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