Shape designs are used in order to add character in a project. These designs give an interesting style to every project while aiding it in the visual level. Geometric designs though can take the shapes to the next level. They are suitable for many graphic design projects like greeting cards, web sites, app development and others. In this post you will find a collection of geometric shapes that will help you complete your designs fashionably.

Geometric Heart Shapes

Geometric hearts are a creative alternative for the classic heart design. You can find them in many designs while featuring really high quality in order to achieve excellent printing results.

Pink Geometric Heart Shape

pink geometric heart shape

Abstract Colorful Geometric Heart Shape

abstract colorful geometric heart shape

3D Geometric Shapes

If you want to add depth to your designs then you should consider 3D geometric shapes. You can find them in eps and psd with stunning designs to choose from.

3D Abstract Geometric Polygonal Shapes

3d abstract geometric polygonal shape

Simple 3D Geometric Shapes

simple 3d geometric shapes

Vector Geometric Shapes

Vector designs can come in beautiful black and white or colorful shapes that can add something deferent to your projects. Choose a geometric design with editable features for easier customization.

Colorful Vector Geometric Shapes

colorful vector geometric shapes

Free Vector Geometric Shapes

free vector geometric shapes

Watercolor Geometric Shapes

Watercolor offers an artistic quality to every design. You can go for a set of geometric shapes with beautiful watercolor work that will amaze everyone who sees your project designs.

High Resolution Watercolor Geometric Shapes

high resolution watercolor geometric shapes

Abstract Geometric Shapes

Geometric shapes in an abstract setting can give you stunning designs that are suitable for modern and contemporary projects like posters, web sites, stationary and business cards that require elegance.

Abstract Geometric Triangle Shapes

abstract geometric triangle shapes

Abstract Vector Geometric Shapes

abstract vector geometric shapes

Circular Geometric Shapes

Circular geometric shapes are a great way to add a soft look to your projects as well as an attractive design. You can find them in png, psd and eps.

White Circular Geometric Shapes

white circular geometric shapes

Circular Concentric Geometric Shapes

circular concentric geometric shapes

Geometric Diamond Shapes

Diamonds are a stunning choice for many designs adding a strong look when they come in geometric shapes. They are available in numerous monochromatic and colorful designs to choose from.

Woven Geometric Diamond Shape

woven geometric diamond shape

3D Styled Geometric Diamond Shapes

3d styled geometric diamond shapes

Low Poly Geometric Shapes

Low polygon designs can give tremendous style in many contemporary projects. From posters to web sites a pack of geometric low poly will cover your needs adding character and style.

White Low Poly Geometric Shapes

white low poly geometric shapes

Abstract Low Poly Geometric Shape

abstract low poly geometric shape

Origami Geometric Shapes

Origami geometric shapes have an exotic look that borders with the futuristic design. You can find them in many styles, shapes and colors in vector eps, psd and jpg formats.

Paper Origami Geometric Shapes

paper origami geometric shapes

Origami 3D Geometric Shapes

origami 3d geometric shapes

Geometric Shape Patterns

When it comes to patterns the geometric shapes are the ultimate kings of design. You can decorate any project with a colorful design that comes in psd and eps formats.

Retro Geometric Shape Pattern

retro geometric shape pattern

Vector Colorful Geometric Shape Pattern

vector colorful geometric shape pattern

Using interesting elements is going to give you the opportunity to enrich your projects in a stylish way. Geometric shapes provide you with eye catching results that draw everyone’s attention. Colors and bold lines offer you a wide variety of geometric designs that will reward you with style and personality.

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